Cung Le vs. Rich Franklin KO Video

Cung Le vs. Rich Franklin KO Video


MMA vet Cung Le proved his worth with an impressive KO victory over Rich Franklin in Macau, China. Franklin went for a low kick, while Le responded with a vicious overhand right that dropped the former UFC Middleweight champ down to the canvas. Le is now on a two-fight win streak, looking for another big challenge inside the Octagon.

Le is 40 years old, 9-2 in MMA.

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    Seriously you need to do something about these spammers, starting to ruin the forums

  • enjoylife321

    A good matchup for cung lee would be a rematch with the axe murderer Wanderlie Silva.

  • roofer1uk

    That was a right hook not an Overhand….Just sayind!

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    may i plz request someone to attempt a hack of the network of these spammers?

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    Don’t be so harsh on yourself Keith

  • thexperience1

    KO of the year so far…. that shit was BEAUTIFUL !!!