Randy Couture On Dana, Spike, TRT, and Steven Seagal

Randy Couture On Dana, Spike, TRT, and Steven Seagal


Yesterday on the “MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani, Randy Couture spoke his mind on a number of different issues, most important of which were his new deal with Spike, his relationship with Dana White and how the Spike deal (has) soured it, TRT allowances and his offer to Steven Seagal to climb into the cage and battle it out. 

On the first topic, “The Natural” told Helwani that his deal came about rather organically and with Spike / Bellator / Viacom approaching him first and not the other way around. 

When asked whether or not he had worried about the move from the UFC to one of its competitors, Randy stated:

“Absolutely, but… obviously I’ve had my issues and ups-and-downs with Dana and the UFC and I felt like I wasn’t being offered a significant role moving forward that was going to help my career and the legacy that I felt like I’d established.” 

Feeling slighted and unappreciated Couture entertained the offer, but still wished to work something out with the UFC. However and before he and White could sit down to dinner and discuss the “significant” offer(s) being put Randy’s way, the news of his Spike deal leaked out.

The Natural told Helwani that the moment that happened “the s**t show was off and running”. He said of it “it was a done deal at that point” and he subsequently signed the deal with Spike / Bellator.

Of his new show (“Fight Master”) he said it reminds him of the first season of TUF, where fighters were on the show to “make it” in the sport and not trying to grab 10 minutes of fame, which is where he feels TUF is now. He also believes that Fight Master lends a new take to the reality fight show genre, by allowing fighters to control their own destiny and pick their own coaches.

All in all, he spoke very positively of his new business relationship and venture and felt that going back to Spike was akin to going home again, as he knew / knows many of the production staff.

Ironically enough and given their issues, The Natural feels that Dana has been the biggest spokesperson and promoter for the new show and by constantly running down the show or Couture himself, either directly or indirectly.

Regarding the harsh treatment he feels he’s been given, his one hope is that it doesn’t affect his son’s career. Where Randy doesn’t take any of White’s actions or statement personally in terms of himself, he said ill treatment of his son is “crossing the line”. It is Randy’s hope that Ryan (1 fight left on his UFC contract) can work things out with DW, so that he can once again be involved in his son’s UFC fight career.

For me and personally, that would only seem fair, reasonable and adult.

In closing RC touched on the Hendo / Evans fight, feeling that Dan had won the bout (29-28) and still has plenty of fight in him.

The subject of TRT was also touched upon with Randy saying “why not”, when it comes to using and staying within “normal” human limits.

Finally, on the issue of his off-the-cuff offer to Steven Seagal to climb into the cage against him, Couture stated:

“If there was any chance that would really happen, yeah, I’d definitely be in…all “BS” aside if it was time to step-up and back that up, yeah, I’d definitely do it.”

If you’d care to catch Randy’s new show it debuts on Spike TV June 19th, 10 PM EST. 

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    Are you serious Randy?? I've seen Seagal kill 20 people in less than a minute, people with guns!! I've seen him save a Navy Battleship from terrorists. I've even seen him died falling out of an airplane, but apparently, he can't die. Don't push the fight Randy.

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      your to jokes your comment had laughing for a while no lie good post my friend good post

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    Man, Randy looks busted in that picture.

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      it looks like he just got his face pummeled

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        …but in a good way.

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      …you should see the other guy, though.