UFC 164 takes to the Octagon in 4 days and with it, main-card and co-main events, that look to answer questions that have been wondered about for years.

The main-card presents the (3 years old) question of whether or not Anthony Pettis is a truly better fighter then the current lightweight champion, Benson Henderson.

The co-main seeks to answer a much older debate and that’s the question of who’s a better fighter, particularly grappler, between Frank Mir & Josh Barnett.

As a fight fan I find it impossible to watch “Countdown” and not get stoked for a fight.

Of all the promotion that the UFC does, for me, this is by far the best thing they do. They excel at this type of marketing and they know how to sell MMA fans on the idea of a fight. In the case of “Countdown to UFC 164”, the promotion is in its usual good form.