Conor McGregor Won’t Earn Title Shot In 2014

Conor McGregor Won’t Earn Title Shot In 2014


UFC Fight Night (UFN) 46: McGregor vs. Brandao is less than 24 hours away and ahead of the (July 19, 2014) Dublin, Ireland, card, UFC President Dana White fielded questions from the media at the event’s pre-fight press scrum.

In the blizzard of news that emanated from it, one snowflake fell hard on this weekend’s focus and potential hero, Conor McGregor.

“Notorious” has been campaigning feverishly for a title shot and indeed, has stated that he has a “vision” that he’ll be the senior circuit’s featherweight champion before the end of the year.  

With that as a backdrop, the question was put to White as to whether or not a win over Diego Brandao at UFN 46 would earn McGregor the title opportunity that he’s seeking.

By way of a response, White was blunt in laying out McGregor’s future. Stating that the 26-year-old Irish fighter has a “big test” in front of him in Diego Brandao, White remarked that even if the No. 13 ranked fighter “smokes” his opponent tomorrow he’s (McGregor) still two fights away from championship glory.

His words:

“No. I understand. I love this kid. I love his attitude. I love the way he thinks. I love how much of a real fighter this kid is. All the things that make Conor McGregor, Conor McGregor, I love, but I’m not going to rush him into something (like a title fight).

This is a big test for him. Let’s be honest, if he goes in there tomorrow night and smokes Diego Brandoa, with the shape he’s in and everything else, beating Diego, that’s impressive. Then we give him another test in the top ten. Then you move him up into possibly the top five if he looks impressive in that one. There’s a way to do it.”

Working off of White’s hypothetical and assuming that McGregor does “smoke” Brandao tomorrow night, it would be hard to see how “Notorious” would have earned a title shot; vision or no vision.

However, if McGregor does blow “DB” out of the water in Dublin it’s conceivable that he’d only need one more fight and win to earn his shot, and not two.

A scenario that saw Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson being matched in a title contenders fight, No. 2 against No. 3 respectively, with one of them going down to injury prior to the bout, could easily put McGregor, as a scratch replacement opponent, in the right fight to land him at a title shot with one win.

It’s not a desirable scenario, but as fans witnessed today with lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov, injuries happen. 

Photo courtesy of Conor McGregor

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  • griffin

    i really want the mcgregor hype to be for real. if he destroys brandao the match up vs dustin is realllly interesting. he beats dustin with ease the title shot is there..if it happens conor will make aldo a star cuz its gonna be the biggest fight in FW history. the hype will be enormous. the ufc needs the hype to be real

    • darejz00

      I really hope it's for real too…He's making a lot of noise considering he's not even really in the title mix. Still though Brandao, if you can't handle his aggressiveness, can be very dangerous so it will be a good test for Conor.

  • Zip

    Oh, he will 'earn' his title shot in 14 as long as the 'needle' points to $$$. Dana will just look at you with that crooked smile and say, 'Things change. The kid is deserving of a shot. Next question.' BTW, does everyone know this card is on Fight Pass? It could just be me, but that tidbit is hard to find.

    And while we're talking about Fight Pass, Dana recently explained the magical transformation of it from a library to a full fledged mma network admitting, 'his company may have dropped the ball in disseminating the proper message at launch.'

    Not that I'm the 'told ya so' kinda guy, but there you go . . .

    • Brian Cox

      Zip – yeah, you're right about the Fight Pass notice. I know I personally never mentioned it and I think that was common for most of the media's articles on the card. It should have noted better.

      Have to say, I finally did bite the bullet and sign up. Well, at least I took my free trial membership, yesterday. So, happily, I'm seeing the card live.

      Working that system, man. :-)

      • Zip

        As a writer here you almost have to have Fight Pass, so I forgive you, buddy. However, I'll be the lone hold out if need be, Dana doesn't need my monthly $10 anyway.

        Enjoy the card :)

  • enjoylife321

    Connor mcgregor has the fearlessness of chuck lidell but he hasnt even fsced top 5 guys. When he gets matched up against guys like frankie edgar we will know what heismade of….he hasnt even been tested when you consider the careers of the greats… of titles is ridiculous

    • enjoylife321

      Most guys take 7 to 8 wins to get that privlidge…..just ask bones

      • SpaceJam

        If Conor can impressively smash a few more good fighters including Poirer, Cub, Frankie or Lamas, he will easily have a title shot in no time. Its simple, If he can go out a KO Frankie in 1 round, he will be the Main Event against Aldo or Mendez very quickly.

        • enjoylife321

          We are talkin december 2015 if he wins his next three and stays uninjured….connor is a long way off

          • SpaceJam

            The longer the wait the better Conor will get.

  • jmedno5891

    "All the things that make Conor McGregor, Conor McGregor, I love, but I’m not going to rush him into something (like a title fight)." So it's ok to give Gina Carano an immediate title match after not fighting for 5 years but let's wait on McGregor for who knows what reason. I give up on trying to understand the UFC's stupid reasoning on rankings/title shots.

    • Brian Cox

      JM – your point about Carano is an excellent one.