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Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier Official For UFC 178 From MGM Grand Garden Arena


After Conor McGregor’s one-sided TKO victory over Diego Brandao in the main event of UFC Fight Night 46 from Dublin’s O2 Arena this past Saturday (July 19, 2014), speculation soon shifted as to just whom “Notorious’s” next opponent would be.

No. 6-ranked Dustin Poirier was quick to sign on to face the outspoken McGregor, voicing his readiness on Twitter and volunteering his skills for the stacked UFC 178 card on September 27 from Las Vegas.

It was a fight that most felt had to be made, and today, the UFC has apparently listened. Poirier and the No. 10-ranked McGregor will throw down at UFC 178 as planned:

UFC 178’s venue was previously up in the air, but Ariel Helwani just confirmed that the event will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena:

“The Diamond” spoke up yesterday to offer his prediction for a fight with “Notorious,” believing that he will finish the “overrated” Irish superstar in the second round.

It appears that we’re a bout to find out just how real McGregor’s hype is, as he’ll face off with his first ranked opponent.

Set to feature the long-awaited Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson title fight rematch, UFC 178 has now added the promotion’s biggest stars to an already blockbuster card.

Who is your pick to win this bad blood-fueled showdown?

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  • Standing = Conor, Grappling = Dustin. Just my opinion.

    • i think dustin can more than hold his own on the feet. the dude destroyed koch on the feet who is a one dimensional kickboxer thats been practicing the art his whole life. i love that the ufc isnt wasting any time putting this fight together. cant deny him being in title talk with a win but it would still take 1 more victory after that over a edgar,swanson or mendes for me to be convinced hes a threat to aldo. "Welcome to the LAyer Cake son."

      • Dustin certainly can hold his own on the feet, but he is not as good as Conor. Dustin had problems when facing Diego on the feet and Conor did not. Max Holloway is a great striker as well and Conor made him curl up. I have a feeling that although Dustin is likely the better grappler, Conor can hold his own there as well.

        • max holloway is nowhere near the level of koch on the feet and dustin dropped him several times.. and with brandao they both finished him in the first yea he was overweight for dustin but he was training with GJ. for mcgregor he training with bum pete spratt, im not impressed. also brandao is coming off a tko loss.. its not fair to say 1 guy had a more impressive win as both won in the 1st dominantly and the situations outside the cage were different.

          • Dustin was not dominant, he was getting clocked more than once and was taken down against an inferior Diego, the only time he was dominant was the last few seconds. Conor was dominant the whole way through. Conor is cage warriors champ and Cage warriors is all about the stand up guys.

        love the passion and heart Dustin has his back story
        I watched his movie and seen what he has been thru in a
        small scale,… and the Conor has been thru some shit himself the thing is, is from watching him train and how
        serious he is about the sport his knowledge of it is amazing…. both feel disrespected…. and does deserve to go for a fighter on the list especially one that called him out the No.7 called him out Dustin know great pay and even know Conor is not in his bracket that with his momentum stock will go up,….anyway is going to be a great fight

    • 2month turn around is pretty fast hopefully can time a really
      good peak again mannnnn I hope no excuses for both to come in
      right at peak and throw down and see who is who and what is what
      if either of these guys crush the other or pulls a all out domination will leap frog division either way will be awesome fight
      both have insane heart with great skills,.. seen Fightville and watched a bunch of Dustins fights and seen him come back from being
      hammered on,… will be good

  • Peeeanut butter jeeeeeeelly….sorry got all excited and stuff.

  • Aaahh finally! The end of Conor's hype train is in sight! He does not deserve this fight, but it's all good.

    • it may be but dont be a hater. i didnt hear anyone screaming akira didnt deserve to fight dustin ppl just went along with it for being a tune up. anyways the next 2-3 title contenders are set so doesnt matter who he fights he needs to stay active and it happens he n connor have beef= $$

    • Yeah when you think you see the hype train coming to an end, its actually a gazelle sprinting in the distance at you full pace, it will then proceed to Anderson Silva front kick you in the face, then in no time you will be riding it back to the McGregor hype train. How does Conor not deserve this fight?? Who the hell has Dutin beating to have such high standards??

  • Good stuff!

  • Awesome stuff, and UFC 178 just became the card of the year, at least on paper.

    • Yeah really, eh. An amazing event to be sure.

      Hey, did I mention I need September 27 off? 🙂

    • Don't jinx it now…

  • Now this is a fight im excited about. whether you like conor or not is irrelevant, he builds up fights like the best of them, you get behind him and want to watch the fight.

    This fight has the makings of a possible future title shot, fight of night, 'another' wicked weigh in 🙂 and I cant call it.