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Conor McGregor’s 10 Most Extravagant Purchases


His Country Home In Ireland

For many years McGregor and his girlfriend Dee Devlin remained under his parents roof as he worked his way up the ranks, but these days he’s living the good life in his very own mansion in one of Ireland’s most exclusive private estates.

McGregor forked out in excess of $2 million for his home within the 550 acre grounds of the prestigious K Club in County Kildare, which property website, daft.ie declared, “presents a wonderful lifestyle in a country setting but yet easily accessible to the city and airport, making this the idyllic home.”

The site goes on to claim that the home offers, “grandeur and attention to detail which is rarely seen in these modern times,” while McGregor can let off steam at two of Europe’s finest golf courses on the K Club grounds, which were designed by none other than Arnold Palmer.

  • Christopher Flores

    I, legitimately, do not care what McGregor spends his money on. However he made it, he made it, legally, and with all the blessings of the UFC (however much they might begrudge him some of it).

    Leave the man alone. It’s his money to spend/waste/invest/etc. as he sees fit.