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Conor McGregor Sends Statement To Jose Aldo & His Team



After such a dominant win over a fierce rival, many lesser fighters might have taken to kicking the ex-champion while he is down. McGregor is refreshingly honest and kind in his statement to Aldo and his team:

Thank you for all the kind messages!
I am extremely grateful and proud to be in the position I am in.

To the naked eye it was 13 seconds, but to my team and my family it has been a lifetime of work to get to that 13 seconds.

Congratulations to the staff at the UFC on a historic week in the sports history and an amazing 2015 for the company.
It is an honor to be playing a part in this great companies continued growth and success and an honor to top off a phenomenal week in the sports history.

Thank you to all the fans who travelled and made this week what it was!!
The traveling Irish are untouchable when it comes to creating the atmosphere needed to make a week like this what it was!!
I am forever blown away by the support of my country. We have changed the game forever!!!

Respect to a great champion in Jose Aldo. The true greats will always overcome adversity.
I wish him and his loyal team well on their journey back. Much respect.

Thank you all!!!

In case you missed it, or want to see it again, the full McGregor vs. Aldo fight video is on page 3…

  • Zwykły Lukasz

    This one statement may change the way people see Conor McGregor. Instead of poking fun at Aldo, he showed respect. Honestly, I wasn’s expecting that coming. Props to Conor. Hope we see the rematch one day:)

  • Chico

    I heard a rumor that Aldo was set up to take a dive for a big money payday by the UFC, so that the rematch could be made for even more money??!?!!

    • Superzorro

      LOL, yeah. It’s true.

  • apocalypse123

    at least be a man and tell me why i keep getting banned, power tripper.