Clay Guida: Chael Sonnen can dethrone Anderson Silva

Clay Guida: Chael Sonnen can dethrone Anderson Silva


  • I agree, with Clay; I think Sonnen has the best shot of anyone (so far) to beat The Spider.

    Anderson loses on his feet to virtually no one. Belfort, is probably the only guy in the UFC that could give him a good fight; Marquardt, is the only other guy that might; even AS himself, has commented on NM’s improved stand-up.

    However, the soft part of his game is with wrestlers. It has been demonstrated that you can get him down and keep him there. It’s just never been done by anyone who had the cardio, skill and power to do it; Sonnen has all that in spades.

    It could well be boring, but I know this, CS will bring it. He’s not afraid of him. I believe CS actually holds the guy in contempt – lol. I do not see Anderson playing keep away for five rounds.

    Knocked out, submitted or otherwise, win or lose, Sonnen is going to give Anderson the toughest fight he’s had in a long time. And personally speaking as an Anderson fan, one who has grown tired of seeing, what have become boring fights, I want to see him tested. I want to see the old Anderson, back. And if it takes a loud mouth like Sonnen to do it, then I’m all for it.

    I’m picking Sonnen in this fight. And if I’m wrong by exciting KO – awesome!

  • It’s probably gonna be a submission to AS. Unless Sonnen is even worse than we all though, AS can keep it on the feet and KO him there.

  • Sonnen has olympic caliber wrestling and is tough as nails. i believe he can bring a good fight to Silva

  • Dan Henderson also had superior wrestling skills (not to mention better standup than CS) and look what happened.

  • @ HturtEHt

    True that.

    However – the problem with Hendo is he gassed. He’s the only guy I know to win a round off of Anderson; which he did – the first. I see a world of difference between Hendo and Sonnen; at least at this stage of their careers; Hendo is near the end of his career; Sonnen is not.

    The other difference is that Sonnen has earned this, where Hendo really didn’t earn his fight with AS; it was just given to him, based on his record from Pride; not from what he had done in the UFC; certainly not @ 185.

    And as far as being a better wrestler then Sonnen. If what I saw Henderson do or fail to do against Jake Shields, then I will debate that. Sonnen is a great wrestler and hopefully he’s in shape. Hendo was a great wrestler, whose no longer in great shape – certainly not according to that fight with JS.

    …just my opinion.

  • You have to remember than there was about almost 2 yrs (1yr 10mos) when Hendo fought Silva and Shields. So you can’t say that the Hendo that fought Shields was the same Hendo that fought Silva (UFC 82 Hendo>Hendo that fought Shields).
    And as far as Hendo gassing out against Silva, I think it had more to do with being tagged by Silva.