Chuck Norris could well be the most successful fighter of all time.

He is a former six time middleweight karate champion, starred in well over twenty movies – including the classic “Return of the Dragon” – had an eight year run with his TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” as well as being a successful infomercial and commercial pitchman, and entrepreneur. In short, Norris martial arts career has made him both rich and famous.  

Indeed, Norris’s has been so successful over his MMA tenure that he inspired the famous "Chuck Norris Facts" series of heroic analogies. Of course, the “CNFs” inevitably poke fun at Norris’s ego.

Regarding his ego, it’s hard not to see it popping its head out in the posted MMANation video. In it, Norris smacks around a ‘punching dummy’ and reminisces about how he was Joe Rogan’s inspiration for getting into martial, and how he questioned Bruce Lee – when tapped by Lee to be his opponent in “ROTD” – about losing to him in their famous  Roman colosseum fight; “Oh, I see you want to beat the world champion.”

Here’s Chuck Norris with a few facts about his life.