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Chris Weidman wants to make beating Anderson Silva look easy


Aside from Chael can anyone ever recall any opponent of Silva’s sounding so confident before facing quite possibly the best MMA fighter in the history of the sport?

If there’s one thing Weidman has in spades, it’s confidence, but on top of that, he’s also proving to be rather wise when it comes to the fight game and the psychology involved with being and becoming a champion.

In a recent interview with The Fight Network’s “5 Rounds”, Weidman had some interesting things to say regarding the psychological and mental aspect of Anderson’s victories as being won outside of the cage before ever happens in the octagon:

“I’m a huge fan of Anderson Silva. He’s one of my favorite fighters to watch. Obviously he has 16 fights in a row with the UFC, defended his belt, whatever it is. He does a great job, he is so confident. He is beating most of guys before they even walk in the cage. Once they get in the cage with them, he does such a great job of making them feel like they do not belong in the cage with him, like, ‘Are you joking me? You are not on my level.’ He makes them feel so uncomfortable that they just want to break. He has them broken and then he can hit them with whatever he wants and then he looks like a freaking God. I agree and I do think he is the best of all time. He is pound-for-pound the best, but I think I’m better. I think I can beat him. There’s a lot of motivation for the fight. One of the biggest for me is to prove all of those people that actually think I’m going to get killed and see him as unbeatable. I can’t wait to prove them wrong. I want to make it look easy out there. I want to shock the world.”

As a challenger to Silva, looking to dethrone the champion and take his belt, it’s definitely a smart move from both a mental preparation and a marketing factor to downplay or devalue the myth that is Anderson Silva.

Not one of us doubt Silva’s accomplishments, skills or abilities, but at the same time, maybe there is something to this bold claim that Weidman happens to be making.

Maybe the champion real is fooling us into thinking he’s much better than he is. Maybe his aura and mystique really does make his opponents cower in fear, hesitate or think twice about making a mistake or leaving an opening.

If there’s one thing there has been an abundance of however, it’s fighters who talk the talk. No fighter as of yet however, has managed to walk the walk.

Could Chris Weidman be that fighter? Let us know what you think.

Chris Weidman clip is at 10:40

  • We've heard this story ….before!

    • Exactly…..His just trying hard to mind **** himself.

    • we've heard this before but the thing is weidman is a different fighter, i think weidman will really give a beating to an old and slow anderson silva,

  • That guy is delusional.

  • Every fighter who has got a shot at Anderson has declared they are the chosen one. I just hope Chris Wiedman is not sitting around and watching too much Harry Potter believing he is a wizard. This fight will be a decisive victory for Anderson silva. look at the way he strikes, stands against the cage, steps away from spinning back kicks. Brilliant. Weidman brings one tool, Anderson brings the complete toolshop.

  • Weidman does have the skill set to beat Silva, just not easily, by any means.

  • Chris Leben, first opponent in UFC, probably did not know who A.S. is at the time. Probably did not care. No psychological edge or mystique for Silva that fight. Took out a guy with a granite chin and no fear, that was never K.O'd before , rather quickly with precision striking. Pretty sure its his skill set. Yea, some of the opponents may not be mentally prepared, but take nothing away from Andersons skills. Bonnar, did that funny commercial where he pretty much admitted he could not beat Silva, but when he got in there, he did not back down, he brought it, he did not cower or pause 1 second, and look what happened.

    Yes, Weidman has great wrestling, but Silva is not stupid and will prepare TDD even more, and even when on his back, he rolls with the GnP put on him so well that he does not take damage.

  • What the "F" gives with Robin Black's shirt? He looks like a waiter in a waiter in a German Beer Hall @ Oktoberfest.

    Moving on…I've been saying it for ages, Weidman will shock the world come July 6th. I believe that he will beat The Champ in the upset of the year and unlike most who have faced The Champ, he actually believes in himself and actually believes, not that he can do it, but will do it.

    • Hendo really believed he would win to he was all like the the best 185er has to be me! Lol and look what happened

      • @ SilvaisKing of 185 once a year…

        Yeah, unfortunately, Weidman isn't Hendo and he has a vastly more dynamic game than Dan. We shall see when The Champ shows up for his yearly defense of his title.

    • Robin Black has been a musician all his life and used to be the lead singer of Robin Black and the intergalactic rock stars. Which is why his style and wardrobe still transfers over to other aspects of his life.

      He's actually very toned down from what he used to wear lol.

      He started training in MMA about 6-7 years ago and fell in love with it. I used to spar/roll with him at Xtreme Couture here in Toronto and got to know him pretty well, he's a good guy.

      Hope that answers your question!

      • @ Bryan

        I never had a question about Robin Black. I'm also aware of who Robin Black is, both in terms of his music and his MMA career and I never made any allegation or inference, about his "not" being a good guy. I simply made a quip about his shirt. That is all I did. However, for those that don't know of Robin Black's history, perhaps they now do, as a result of your histrionics.

        For that, you should be thanked for answering a question which was never posed!

        • I hate getting into these retarded debates with you, but you don't flatter yourself in any way, let me explain…

          1st – "What the "F" gives with Robin Black's shirt?"… Where I come from that's a god damn question smartass.

          2nd Histrionics has nothing to do with history or providing information, you completely mis-used the word like the genius that you are lol. It's related to a personality disorder and the act of performing theater… PERIOD.

          Try not to make up words when you're attempting to sound intelligent, it'll backfire immediately as you just proved.

          • @ Bryan

            You explain anything, is an oxymoron.

            1. Apparently the concept of rhetorical question goes beyond “where you come from”. More to the point, its comedic license is obviously lost on you. Again, the remark was a quip.
            Regardless of you ignorance, however, I should applaud you for to leaping to Robin Black’s defense. For surely, I am the first person on LowKick to make a (yes) “smart-***” joke. It’s amazing that you only put it together now, that I was being so. Good for you. You got it on your second attempt.

            2. HISTRIONICS 1: Theatrical performances 2: Deliberate display of emotion for effect

            The Merriam-Webster Dictionary http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/histrionics

            I have no idea where you get personality disorders from, but given who I’m responding too, I’m not surprised that you’d believe that to be the case.

            I used the word in its true sense to describe your BS defense of Robin Black, because I made a joke about his shirt. You seized upon me mentioning his name to shoot your mouth of about how you know him, how you’ve “rolled” with him (aren’t you so cool and dangerous) and aren’t you just the cat’s meow, for doing so. You’re LowKick’s very own celebrity, by association. Only 1 degree removed from Robin Black. All bow to Lord Fontez.

            Tell us Bryan, are there any other celebrities that you “know” or that you’ve “rolled” with, of which you might wish to apprise LowKick members, for fear that a poster might cause you offense by joking about one your “friends” or does Robin Black comprise the whole of your celebrities list?

            What I find truly outlandish about your childish, poorly thought out and dramatic comments, is the fact that you are one of this sites biggest trash talkers on this site, when it comes to disrespecting fighters. The remarks that you’ve posted on this site about fighters like Nick Diaz and John Jones should have gotten you fired. It should have at least gotten you publicly reprimanded (on LK) by management. More than that though, you are the staff’s number one (and only) AS*H*LE, when it comes to writing articles about fighters and fights. You constantly play up fighters you like, while playing down and giving no chance to fighters you don’t like. All of which, makes you nothing more than a fan with a column.

            I said it before, I’ll say it again, your “histrionics”, your animated defense of Robin Black and calling me out, is nothing more than you shooting your mouth off to tell us all you “know” Robin Black. Your Jesus on The Cross act is just that, an act. You’re a trash talking piece of crap and everyone knows it. Your hands are not clean. You are in no position to chastise me or anyone, for their joke or quips, rhetorical or otherwise.

            I hope you enjoy the fights tonight and if you’re watching them with your buddy Robin, please say hello and tell him regardless of the joke, I’m a fan….always have been.

          • lol You win the unecessarily long response award… Congratulations!!

            May your future generations forever hold your exaggerated attempts at trying to sound intelligent in the highest regard.

          • @ Bryan

            I wrote a long response for my pleasure. I enjoy picking you and your stupidity apart. Also, I truly enjoy confrontation with those that proactively seek it with me. Particularly with a pompous snot, such as yourself and even more so, with one who likes to chastise others for that which he does incessantly and with malice to his betters, namely fighters he doesn't like.

            As to awards, then surely you win the stupid award for not understanding the word "histrionics" and then posting about it and informing the thread that you thought it was a mental disorder. How freaking stupid must you be? For, surely that is the dumbest thing I've seen anyone do on this site. Surely, when you walk in a room that South Park song must begin to play…Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb…

            In terms of my intelligence, my genius, whatever you're calling it, odd that you make note of mine, but I never make note of yours.

            Thanks, for once again dropping by and proving your ignorance and stupidity. Now, run along before someone reports you to the authorities and tries to have you committed for suffering from a mental disorder, known as "histrionics".

            Again, enjoy the card tonight.


  • This is the best opponent Silva has faced in the UFC. Better than Sonnen. Better than Hendo (at 185/stylistically). Better than Griffin at 205.

    Too bad it won't sell as well as the Sonnen fights. Silva deserves a huge paycheck for taking this chance.

  • @evan who you picking?

    • Won't be. I've long thought Weidman would be a tough match up for Silva even before Sonnen did so well against him in the first fight. I just didn't think he'd get to this level fast enough to enforce that style advantage.

      After Silva beat Sonnen, I said to myself I won't be picking against Anderson again. I've done it only a few times in the UFC (Frankilin because I'm a hughe Franklin fan, and the Sonnen second fight). Won't be doing it again until he loses.

      So that leaves me with just being able to enjor whatever happens.

  • And still…………………………………………….. !!!! and that's all i have to say about this!

  • Why is everyone thinking this statement is crazy?

    Trust me I'm taking Silva but if Sonnen hadn't been subbed at the end of their fight, it would've been remembered as Chael beating Anderson EASILY.
    Weidman has the skills to reproduce and even improve upon that performance.

    • no, it would be remembered as a no contest. doh!

  • Just to refresh your memory: Sonnen was roided up the arse and the goat had a broken rib….check mate.

    • Ross Pearson had a broken foot but he still looked good?

      All I'm saying is it could've been the same situation even if he wasn't injured and Sonnen wasn't juiced… actually that was what happened in the first round of their second fight, even after the Silva had nearly two years to adjust and work to negate Sonnen's game which he was extremely familiar with by that point.

      I think 9/10 times, that first fight went the same way.

  • @Brassiere- The GOAT my ARSE. lol, Actually Sonnen wasn't roided up. The test just said he had something artificial in his system. And Anderson didn't have a broken rib. Maybe after the fight he did. But I never saw any X-rays. And he would have been wincing in pain every time he got taken down, or punched in the ribs. That was a complete bull hockey excuse. Check Mate.

    • that was the only time Anderson had ever complained about a pre-fight injury and I reqatched the fight yesterday (just love the fight so much) and Anderson was moving different and was trying to avopid damage to his damaged side.

      If you check, he was holding his ribs in pain after the first, where nothing rib-breaking worthy happened to him.

      He was injured, get over it.

      • Of course that's the only time he made an excuse. It's the only time in the UFC where he has been dominated like that for at least most of a 5 round fight. I have nothing to get over. He was not injured. Just humbled. Even if he won't admit it.

        Get over it.

      • And why would you only mention the first round. During the entire fight, there were many takedowns, and GNP body shots that even if not full power, would make any broken rib almost unbearable. And again, he never reacts to that level of pain. And nothing about his movement seemed hindered.

  • Also it's highly debatable that Anderson is the GOAT. He has had a pretty easy list of opponents compared to who a lot of guys fight just to get to a title shot. Overall middle weight just hasn't had the best fighters, and it makes him look that much better. If he was that great he would have fought Jon Jones, instead of trying to pick on GSP and only campaign for that fight.

  • Reading these comments I wonder if lowkick is turning into a chess site.

    That aside, I reckon there's some mathematical formula that can replicate all title fight comments and we need never post again on here. Such a formula would need refining but it would be something like this:

    {(The expected chances of the challenger + the my champ cant lose forget it) / (silly insult / reasonable comment^2)} – {(p4p debate/density of nut huggers) * (knowledgeable fans – WWE converts)}.

    It is far from a refined formula but a little tinkering and we can all be replaced by robots.