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Chris Weidman: UFC 175 Was The Worst Training Camp I’ve Ever Had In My Life


UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman went a long way towards silencing his critics with a convincing five-round win over former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida in the main event of last night’s (Sat., July 5, 2014) UFC 175 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After dominating the first three rounds with constant pressure, striking, and takedowns, Weidman fell into a bit of deep water when “The Dragon” finally found a sense of urgency an began pressing forward with strikes of his own.

But Weidman fought through the adversity as a true champion does, coming back to blast Machida in the fifth and seal what will go down as one of his most telling victories in UFC. However, the road to it was necessarily all that smooth, as Weidman underwent arthroscopic surgery on both of his knees earlier this year, and face other nagging injuries in training to fight Machida. He told FOX Sports that this was his worst-ever fight camp because of that:

“To be honest, this was the worst camp I’ve ever had in my life. I didn’t hit pads for about two weeks; my hand was messed up. My knees need a break. Coming off this surgery, I think I kind of rushed it a little bit. No excuses; I went out there and got the W, but it was a very tough camp for me to get through.”

If that’s the kind of performance Weidman is going to put on after the worst training camp of his life, then it’s going to be an incredibly tough go for all of the talented fighters occupying the top rungs of the UFC 185-pound arena. It sounds like Weidman may need some time off to clear up some health issues, but for now his work is done.

Is Weidman simply trying to justify that fact that he didn’t finish Machida as he claimed he would, or did injuries prevent him from putting on what would have been a more dominant performance over “The Dragon?”

  • You was impressed with Weidmans performance Mike? I thought he looked like SHIT! He came forward and put pressure on Machida but let's be real here. Machida didn't fight him til round 4 and when he did, Weidman was getting lit up! He looked super sloppy… in the earlier rounds before Machida started fighting and Weidman threw stuff at him his kicks and punches looked sloppy too. Still can't believe Machida let Weidman off the hook like that. It really calls for more aggressive training partners… true grinders that will be in his face non-stop! (ahum.. AKA).

    • I felt the same way. Machida was counting on a bad plan of coasting with counters to a decision and only realized he needed to turn on the wood chipper in R4. To be completely honest I felt Anderson was more elusive until he started getting goofy. Chris definetly proved something to me however tonight and that is that he is a the champ. Machida proved to me as well that he would be a champ if he went at it more.

      • Couldn't agree more Falcon, Machida needs to be just a little bit more aggressive. Just a hair to keep his opponents honest. Chris did a fine job at stifling Machida's movement. Good work by the champ.

        • Machida went full bore when he got desperate. If he had got that reckless in the beginning, he would have been KO'd early. He went off when Chris was noticeably gassing.

          • True but he also was gassing and he would have had far more powerful and quick strikes in the early rounds.

          • If he just threw and landed some jabs that would be all he needed to be a bit more aggressive while staying on his game.

          • True on Chris gassing in the 4th & 5th. Machida was getting more recklace on those rounds also. Rogan said it perfect… You cant win or out score your opponent when backing up. Weidman was chasing Machida at some points. Either way the pace was fierce in the first 3rounds.

    • Strangely I agree with XP on this one. I do think Weidman looked good, his striking was good I don't feel he looked sloppy but Machida was struggling to adapt the first 3 but when he did he was lighting Chris up badly. Overall, great performance by both guys.

    • Weidman only looked like shit in certain moments in the 4th and 5th. Chris fought the perfect gameplan. You can not wait around with Machida and be on the back peddle. How have to pressure him and get him guessing on what You are going to do. Machida was very passive in the first 2 rounds because he was figuring out Weidmans movement. You do not just go in and do what Machida was doing in the 4th and 5th thats when you get KOd.

      Machida waited till he figured out Weidmans movements then started being very aggressive. Also how about Chris was coming of the knee ops and literally just said he had the worst training camp ever, and he still managed to beat and bust up Machida one of the elite. Machida honestly fought a great fight, he hit Chris with some huge shots right to the jaw and temple and Chris didn't budge. Chris also has bad bruising on his right rib cage area.

      "Still can't believe Machida let Weidman off the hook like" Machida threw everything but the kitchen sink at Weidman. Chris has a iron chin. The same punch that put Bader out like a light, Chris received a harder elbow variation right to the same spot, still was standing.

      Extremely impressive performance by both guys, especially Weidman considering his camp and recent op.

  • Weidman showed the heart of a champion. He won that fight fair and square. His striking technique obviously has a long way to go, but he makes up for it with pressure and power.

    He was nearly knocked out in the fourth and/or early fifth, but he wasn't.

    I'm a huge Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida fan. It's time we start giving the champ who beat both of them fair and square his due.

    Who's going to beat him? Belfort? Jacare? Nah……..

    • I didnt say he didnt win fair and square… i'm saying he looked like shit and Machida let him off the hook. You really think Vitor will let weidman be in his face for 3 rounds and will start fighting him in rnd 4 when he's already a bit fatigued and has less power?

      It was just WEIRD… he just didn't fight and Weidman with the win and all, just didn't look good. He's strong and he's durable. That's all he had going for him. As a fighter he did not impress me one bit. He has heart, i give him that. He was nearly put away, but came through.

      Belfort will kill him… From what i've seen last night, I don't give Chris a chance in hell against Belfort. If they make that fight, i'll put 5k on Belfort without giving it a single thought.

      Jacare… not sure about that one, but one thing's for sure, neither of them will take a nap for 3 rnd's before starting to fight.

      • Belfort is going to be taken down and pounded on for 4-5 rounds and lose badly.

      • You put 5k on Belfort and you will feel like a complete imbecile. Chris Weidman is the real deal. He looked great last night, belfort has a punchers chance but Chris is on a different level. He is fairly new to MMA, was coming of a shit training camp, Chris with a full training camp and almost 100% body health he will Murder Belfort. Chirs Will be an all time great and P4P one of the best in the world.

    • MIke, I doubt anyone is disputing Chris's win here. He won that fight without a doubt. however, his performance was very average to say the least.

      Chris Weidman lacks the skills of a complete fighter. He was determined to finish the fight and he had his chances. Remind me how many times he got Machida's back? Not once he was able to lock the naked choke!!

  • Told all these fools weidman was gonna win and I got a million weaks SUCK IT BUTT HURT SILVA FANS!!

    • Oh wow! You picked the favorite to win and got it right! You're so good at predictions!

      • I picked weidman in both silva fights as well.. and on most online polls people were picking machida regardless of what the betting line was.. and actually I am decent with predictions you can check out my tapology account if u would like I have a 70% picking rate and I pick every fight on all UFC cards not many people do much better then that.. http://www.tapology.com/profiles/uzumaki.. have the balls to show ur prediction ratio??

  • I don't care, Chris! Machida I am sure is walking around with nagging injuries as well!!! Is Chris being mentored by Tito Ortiz?

  • So, people say Chris won the st Silva fight because Silva was clowning, he won the 2nd fight because Silva got injured, then he won the Machida fight because Lyoto only start fighting in the 4th? If Chris wins the Belfort fight, would Chris win because Belfort wasn't on TRT?

    • Chris will beat Vitor Belfort… because Belfort won't be on TRT.

      • Thats stupid. Belfort was a KO and finish machine long before TRT. Educate yourself on MMA before you comment.