At UFC 162 Chris Weidman will step up to the plate to face Anderson 'The Spider' Silva in a middleweight championship tilt. The 28-year-old Serra-Longo prodigy earned his title shot with a 5 fight win streak in the UFC.

In his most recent fight he knocked out Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel in mid 2012. Since then Weidman has had to sit by and watch the title picture take place without him. Upon receiving his title shot Weidman had this to say to MMA Fighting:

"Without a doubt, it feels like fate. When I got injured, I was down, but I did feel like something better was going to happen out of this. I thought I was going to get an even bigger fight than the Boetsch fight. I didn't have my hopes up too much that it would be Anderson, but I knew there was a chance it could be. Everybody who could have had a shot lost. Things went my way. I'm grateful and humble for the opportunity."

"I'm very motivated to make the most of this opportunity and not just be another title contender," he said. "Every other time I've had a full training camp, I've had a finish. And I plan on continuing that. I'm going against the greatest of all-time, but that's not going to change my confidence of what I'm going to do in there. I'm very excited."

So it seems that not only is 'Supernatural' grateful, he is also confident he can finish. Although I suppose the same could be said for most of Silva's recent opponents and it really didn't finish well for them.

Silva's long limbs, incredible Muay Thai and otherworldly accuracy have scored him 4 KO/TKO's in his last 4 fights and only 2 of his 16 wins in the UFC have come by decision.

Its impossible to deny Weidman's amazing athleticism and ability for MMA, but will it be enough to knock 'The Spider' off his throne at middleweight? Or will the champ prove once again why he is at the top of most fans p4p list?