Much has been said about Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman ahead of their upcoming UFC 162 clash. The Middleweight title will be on the line, in what many fans are calling Silva's toughest challenge in years. The P4P great has held his coveted title for nearly seven years, making him the longest serving UFC champion ever.

The common argument among Weidman fans is that his well rounded attacking style will win the day, while Silva fans believe that Weidman is another hype train about to be derailed. I certainly think this match has a lot of potential to be very exciting, but I'm yet to make my decision about which way I think the fight will go.

It's always going to be hard to bet against Anderson Silva, he is such a talented fighter. The same could be said for Weidman. who is a superb athlete, although he does have less octagon experience.

Check out this UFC 162 pre fight interview with Weidman, and stay tuned to Lowkick!