Chris Weidman was recently on this week’s edition of the MMA Hour and had many things to say regarding the currently chaotic situation that is the Middleweight division. Regarding Silva and his chances against the champ:

"I’m not going to start saying Anderson Silva is a chicken and scared of me," he said. "I do think I am a bad matchup for him. I think I really have him beat in a lot of areas. I don't think he's faced anybody like me. I also can understand from his view point why he doesn't want to fight me, for a couple reasons."

With the skills he’s displayed in the octagon, it’s no wonder Weidman wants the opportunity soo badly. The decorated Two-time Division I All-American is eyeing his next target with the confidence of a contender who knows that he possesses the skills to accomplish what some have seemed to think is impossible.

With a flight booked this Saturday headed to Chicago, Weidman is planning on attending UFC on Fox 6 with the goal of sitting down to speak with the UFC brass about his situation and intentions. Regarding the division and who he thinks should be next in line for Silva Weidman had the following to say:

"Right now I think I’m the most deserving to get it if they want to make the [Silva] fight right away," he said. "I just don't know if Anderson Silva will be interested."

Weidman doesn’t intend on taking any time off, he claims he’s still in the gym training and getting better everyday. While he made it perfectly clear that he wants the opportunity, he also showcased his maturity with a solid understanding of the business, having the following to say:

"Whoever UFC decides, I’m good. I just cant wait to get back in the octagon and just keep proving myself. There are still a million doubters out there and I love proving them wrong. All the people who think I’m going to get killed by Anderson Silva, eventually I want to prove those guys wrong."

Weidman is a very young middleweight and will most definitely get his opportunity at middleweight gold eventually. All we can hope for as fans, is that when the day comes, Anderson still has the belt, giving us a great matchup to look forward to and a solid adversary worthy of stepping into the octagon and challenging the greatest fighter that ever lived.