UFC middleweight and number two ranked fighter, Vitor Belfort, is of the opinion that most fighters in the brand are some kind of performance enhancing drugs. Of course, the subject is of interest to “The Phenom” as he has become the public face of TRT use in the UFC. Long known for his use of therapeutic testosterone enhancement, as well as an earlier steroid infraction dating back to 2006, Belfort has been singled out as the one fighter in the brand to be ridiculed for his use of sanctioned TRT. And the lone athlete in the promotion to have his previous PED use lorded over him. 

In short, Belfort is the single senior circuit fighter that has been painted as a “cheat” and to the exclusion of all other (known) current or previous users of enhancements. Yet, Belfort’s accusations of rampant PED use within the brand is in keeping with former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s sentiments on the issue – “It's a problem.”

In a quick interview with middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Fight Hub TV asked the “All-American” whether or not he agreed with Belfort’s comments. In reply, the champ stated that he had no facts regarding the matter, but at the same time he “wouldn’t be surprised.”

If this is the case, then banning TRT probably means nothing and as likely as anyything, amounts to not much more than window dressing for the senior circuit. And given the fact that UFC President Dana White believes that random drug testing in the UFC is “impossible,” and that the promotion already has a “gold standard” in testing, it appears that the brand is no closer to being cleaned up than it was prior to the TRT ban being issued.