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Chris Weidman Is Going In To Finish Anderson Silva, Nothing Else


UFC middleweight title contender Chris Weidman has been a lot more outspoken about fighting Anderson Silva than many of “The Spider’s’ past opponents. He attributes this to the confidence he takes into the fight, believing that he is truly the one to take the belt from the longtime champ.

Appearing in an interview from AXS TV, Weidman notes that he does not have the mindset of losing before he even walks into the cage, something he believes some of Silva’s prior foes did. Weidman is looking to finish the champ and send a message to the MMA world. Not an easy task, but he looks and talks supremely confident heading into the bout.

Is this the way Silva must be beat? Or is Weidman perhaps getting overconfident? 

  • Weidman has every reason to be confident, he has never been defeated. Too many fighters have spent their training camps talking about being part of andersons legacy and how it will be an honour win lose or draw.

    I don't believe Weidman will win the fight however his mindset seems to be where it needs to be.

    I can't even remember the last time silva defended his title so I am glad we will finally get to see some action.

  • True, he has to be confident. Chael said the same thing though. That every one else was afraid of him, not believing they can beat him truly inside.. and stated that is the difference between him and the other contenders. Chael brought it for sure, but still dropped the ball. Weidman has a good chance but I think people are underestimating Silva's TDD.

    The first fight , he promised Nog bros a sub, that is why he fought off his back the entire time. It is at the end of the documentary he made , telling the Nog bros he will sub Chael for his disrespect to him.

    The second fight, he only got taken down the first round because he came out swinging careless. Second round…different story, Chael could not get him down, and after several failed attempts , he tried to strike with that mistake of a spinning back first.

    So yea, Chris, take nothing away, does have a good chance, better than many, and confidence is key, but I think Silva imported some jaguars and silver back gorillas from brazil to his gym and spent 2 weeks without sleep and drinking Lyoto's piss, defending take downs from wild animals.

    He will come prepared.

  • He's got a good shot but Silva has a way of destroying that confidence inside the octagon. If he fights smart he can definitely pull of a decision. However he if tries to take Silva's head off right off the bat, that would be a huge mistake.

  • Talk is cheap.

  • I dont think Weidman is going to make it past the second round. With that said, I am almost certain that he will put up a good show.

  • He's right about one thing for sure, a bunch of guys that have fought Silva were beat before they got in the ring.

    Self belief is something that has to be finely balanced because too much is also not good. I hope Weidman backs it up and either "comes back with his shield, or on it:"

  • Good luck with that Chris. I think that his coaches have over inflated his belief in himself. I agree with Matt Serra to a point. Chris will probably be a champion some day. That day is not July 6th. Anderson Silva has not slowed down or degraded in any way. The only way that his game has changed in the last few years is that he has done away with the fancy **** and further mastered the basics. He has simplified. The only guy I see having any chance against him in a wt class he can make is Jon Jones and I think Andy takes that fight too.