Chris Weidman And Vitor Belfort’s Instagram Staredown

Chris Weidman And Vitor Belfort’s Instagram Staredown


This coming May 24th, UFC fans will get to see one of the premier matches that the promotion will put on through 2014, when middleweight champion Chris ‘All-American’ Weidman defends his belt for the second time, and as against new challenger and number two ranked, Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort.

The match is set to take place at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and will mark Belfort’s first appearance in ‘Sin City’ since February of 2011; UFC 126; KO loss to Anderson Silva.

The pair will headline the UFC 173 card and in a fight that fans are now beginning to anticipate heavily, as the bout features two fighters that many fans either love or hate.

In terms of Chris Weidman, many fans love him for his ‘awe shucks’, humble, yet confident manner, as backed up by his 7 – 0 record, and two dispatches of the legendary Anderson Silva; UFC 162 / 168. However, there are fans that find Weidman full of himself and want to see him knocked off his perch. Beyond that, there’s the throng of Silva fans that just want to see him lose.

Regarding Vitor Belfort, it all boils down to one thing, testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. He’s on it and everyone knows it, and unlike many other TRT fighters in the sport, ones like Frank Mir for example, Belfort is having great success. As such, fans fall into two camps on Vitor Belfort. Fans either love him, accepting his sanctioned TRT use and subsequently basking in the glory that Belfort has found over the last three years, or they hate him. And the reason they hate him is because of his TRT use. To the point, anti-Belfort fans view him as a cheat, sanctions or no sanctions, and they want him to lose. And if Weidman is the man to make that happen, so be it and regardless of whether or not they like the All-American. 

The clash between these two fighters brings these various fandoms and anti-fandoms together, resulting in a strange mix of allegiances. In some instances, fans that can’t stand Belfort will be rooting for him, and because they either want Weidman flattened for beating Silva or simply because they can’t stand the All-American. In the other instance, fans that feel no love for the champ will be pulling for him to drop Belfort and simply to derail his TRT train. That which is left over, and will be cheering either Weidman or Belfort on to win, could comfortable be labeled as their ‘real fans.’

Today, the UFC released an Instagram photo of the two great fighters and as they stared one another down, while draped in their respective nation’s flags; Weidman with the American and Belfort with the Brazilian.

It’s an epic photo and the two look all business.

Weidman looks confident and assured, and appears to have a hint of a smile on his face. For his part, Belfort looks intense and has his usual stone cold stare.

In looking at the two, fans know this is going to be a great fight. It could well be short, but it’s going to be a great fight. Weidman wants to put his post-Silva stamp on the middleweight division and there could be no better fighter to accomplish that with, right now, than Vitor Belfort. That said, Belfort wants, very badly, the belt that Weidman holds.

In view of it, this fight could well be an early candidate for either fight of the year or knockout of the year. Both of these fighters are tough, focused, determined and highly skilled. If Weidman can take out Belfort and particularly on the heels of two Silva victories, then truly, he is a great fighter; if he hasn’t already proven it, to all. From there, it’s onto Machida, Souza and Mousasi.

However, if Belfort beats Weidman and takes the middleweight belt, then he will have beaten the man that beat the man. As such, and if Silva were to come back this year, it would make for a heck of a great return match for the former champion, given, that is, that the Phenom could hold onto the belt until Silva’s return. Belfort / Silva II would be a great fight and one that Anderson Silva might be very much interested in; particularly, if it was for the belt.   

Ah, the possibilities from this match. 

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  • Rigo

    Testosterone replacement is not a Champion, Testosterone replacement is a treatment.

    Champions are made out of hard work , talent , skill and heart.
    Frank Mir, Rothwell are clear examples that TRT does not make you a better fighter .
    Stop Hating on Belfort he will become Champion no matter what you think or say.
    Respect to Vitor Belfort for fighting anyone at any time regardless of weight class.

    • adobostreak

      how are you going to not include Chael in that argument.

    • Entity

      ok, lol, to counter your reply. Weidman will beat Vitor and remain champ "no matter what you say"
      Just use MMA math, Silva beat Vitor in less than 2 minutes and Weidman, well….. j/k MMA math sucks, but Vitor will get taken down at some point and will suffer the ground game of Chris.

    • falcon4917

      Your right Rigo, TRT is not for champions, it's for the guys that can't quite get there on their own even with all their hard work, talent and skill, they need something extra.

  • DeadlyIntentions93

    However should that guy be on TRT seeing as he tested positive for steroids in the past and now he has low testosterone because of it.

    IMO you should only be allowed to be on TRT if you have a natural condition not because you used to use steroids which later on fucked your T levels up.

    Dan Henderson can be on TRT, the guy has low T because of the natural ageing process and has probably taken took many shots to the head also (which can lower T also).

    Would a Belfort not on TRT be able punch and kick as hard (which wins most of his fights) probably not.

    • Entity

      I admit I've never heard of anyone with a T deficiency because they got hit in the head lol

  • docamitay

    Reading your most recent article, I can see that you have chosen to ignore the information I provided regarding your improper use of certain words and grammatical devices. What does it say about someone who is too insecure to acknowledge his errors when they are pointed out to him in a polite, professional and private manner?

    • Entity

      What does it say about a MMA fan who would rather argue grammatical device errors than to enage in a provocative MMA discussion?
      And what is that user name referring to? It looks like a want to be cool ebonic reference.

      • docamitay

        What does it say about a MMA fan who chastizes those who wish to see the quality of writing on sites such as this one elevate beyond mediocrity? Some of us would like the sport we love to be treated with as much respect as other main stream sports; that will not happen if so-called journalists ignore the advice of those who know how to articulate our thoughts properly and cogently, and instead continue to write as if they are in high school. As for my name, your mistaken inference is inadvertently hilarious. Google, son, google.

    • Entity

      Sorry bro, but we appreciate the writer's input here at lowkick taking the time to give us some reading material and offer discussion topics, so we will defend them more times than not.Your reply is more about pissy complaining than anything.

      • docamitay


        I believe in being respectful enough to respond to someone's comments to me but, seeing as you have no knowledge of the circumstances that precipitated my original comment, I will consider this matter finished.

  • watermelon fresh

    horrible UFC marketing…What is this Rocky III?

    • Entity

      bu bu
      bum bum bum bum bum bum take me higher………
      bu bu
      bu bu

      • Entity

        Damm I spent too much time on that for the browser to reconfigure the order and lines….Damm you browser input!

  • Brasil

    Dont like and dont care about this country vs country shit……..

    • Bruce Lee


      • Entity

        Ethiopia would smoke them all in the stick weight division.

        • falcon4917


  • MMAeveryDay

    Here we go…. Belfort via 1st round KO