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Check Out Miesha Tate In ESPN ‘Body Issue’ Mag


After some shuffling around, Miesha Tate is set to coach opposite Ronda Rousey in the first unisex season of TUF. The sport of MMA is constantly breaking boundries, at the moment it seems to be the Women’s division leading the way. Ronda Rousey started it all off by becoming the role model for all aspiring female (and some male) athletes, winning the UFC title at Bantamweight and really paving the way for the the opposite sex.

“One of the of the biggest common misperceptions about women’s mixed martial arts is that we’re not feminine,” she told NYDailyNews.com. “So for me it’s important to show that women in this sport are comfortable about their bodies, that we’re pretty and carry ourselves as women — and we can also turn it up a notch in the cage.”

Miesha Tate is fast becoming an icon in MMA herself, along with the TUF 18 gig she has landed herself in ESPN magazine. These guys and girls certainly do a lot more with their weeks than I do with mine. It seems that Tate is certainly starting to become a prominant face in MMA, but will she have the ability to Beat Rousey in the octagon?

Personally, I think Rousey will take her out with relative ease. But all that aside, how hot is Miesha Tate? On a scale of 1-10, I would place Tate at the ‘I just fell in to a tub of red hot peppers then woke up in the trunk of O.J Simpson’s jeep’ spot. So right around 9.8.

  • That just made my sticker peck up!

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    • What ever happened to Tate blasting Rousey for doing the espn body issue?

    • Can anybody see any crabs on the beach?

  • Miesha might not win the fight, but I think she wins the Body issue contest.

  • 9.8? Get a grip. Oh never mind I am sure you have one.

    • yea, Celeste is hotter. Tate is cute, both have no A$$, lol.

      • If the UFC wanted history breaking PPV's they'de have Tate and Rousey fight ****! ( 0 , 0 )
        Yea that V avatar just wasnt cutting it lol.

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          • wall updates are slow. i clicked sharp on you yesterday before you posted this crap and still dont see it. yea, censor all you want, just learn how to re-spell shat and we all gawt no fukkin problem because i and you both know that a true ppv record breaking event would be in the **** channel range, what is that like the 900's . i dont know because i have the internet, where i can jack me hoff to spank wire dot com and not pay. point being is skrew censorship. i want to see newd arse meisha and rhonda throw down in a hawt thespian gauntlet , and i would pay for that, per view, lol.

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        • I like your "V" avatar.

  • I just love Miesha's legs. Dare I'd say I'd like to touch them…LOL!

  • The fact that they took basically the same idea as the Rousey cover is a bit cheesy but she is a bombshell no doubt.