Chael Sonnen: Wand Is Fat And Wants Out Of Fight At UFC...

Chael Sonnen: Wand Is Fat And Wants Out Of Fight At UFC 173


Last week it was announced that rivals Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen had been booked to settle their long going feud at UFC 173; following filming of TUF: Brazil 3.

But according to Sonnen, “The Axe Murderer” is stressing about getting in the cage with him.

Prior to the two’s fight announcement, the pair had already made headlines after they brawled on the set of the reality show last week. It was reported that one of Silva’s team Andre Dida, who is a Chute Box veteran like the “Axe Murderer”, hit Sonnen in the back of the head during the scuffle.

Silva and Sonnen’s rivalry has been an ongoing feud, starting after “The American Gangster” made offensive remarks about Brazil in the build up to his clash with Anderson Silva.

Sonnen has took to Twitter to insult the legendary Pride fighter numerous times and has been keeping his fans update about Silva’s antics during the show. The pair almost came to blows just before the series began, after Silva confronted Sonnen at the Mr Olympia bodybuilding festival.

Earlier this week Sonnen continued his attack on his rival coach in an interview with Fighters Only. Sonnen told the website Silva is fat and trying to avoid fighting him at UFC 173.

“Wand is fat. He hasn’t taken his shirt off since we have been here,” Sonnen said. “He thought our fight would be in July, but it got announced for May. He’s stressed and trying to get out of it.”

Silva hasn’t fought inside the cage since March last year due to injuries. In his last night he won a FOTN battle over Brian Stann, which also earned him “Knockout of the Night”. If “The Axe Murderer” isn’t in shape we will certainly find out come May 24.

The pair will finish filming TUF: Brazil 3 later this month, the season will be available to watch from March on Fight Pass. If all goes well the two will settle their score at UFC 173 in the co-main event. Let’s just hope Silva isn’t too “fat” and the fight goes ahead as planned.


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  • Boner89

    This fight is really meaningless unless you are a big fan of won of these guys or buy into the drama filled hype. I believe if the fight goes down Sonnen will easily win a decision on Wand. Wand does have a punchers chance, however. I could also see Wand pulling out do to some injury before the fight as well.

  • lichnight1

    Wand has more than a punchers chance, he could very well knock him out, sonnen always has trouble with heavy strikers.

    • apocalypse123

      Is that why he destroyed Shogun?

      • DesiredUsername

        No, he "destroyed" (or smothered) Shogun because Shogun underestimated Sonnen's submission skills and got careless.

        • DesiredUsername

          Shogun is also notorious for his (lack of) Take-down defence…bad stylistic match up against Sonnen.

  • enjoylife321

    Its gonna look pretty bad if he pulls out…..Does anyone know if wanderlei's team mate got cut after the cheap shot on Chael….I can't imagine Dana letting a cheap shot on Chael go unpunished….After all isn't the rule if you fight in the house you are out?

    • akieyugames

      He may have been cut out, but Dana would slap him a large amount after creating more hype, as the last few season of TUF have low, i mean looow ratings. Believe me, cut out, but with cash in hand for a job well done for spiking up the hype.

      • DanaBlack

        It has occurred to you guys that this incident may have been part of the script. I mean, I know its a reality show and everything….

  • DanaBlack

    I hope Wanderlei can find that old axe murderer spirit and put this fool on queer street.