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Chael Sonnen to Wanderlei Silva: You Wanted Attention, It Worked


Former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger Chael Sonnen has his hands full with a UFC 167 date against former champion Rashad ‘Suga’ Evans.

However, Sonnen can’t seem to get the prospect of a Wanderlei Silva’s “challenge” off of his back. The two had a highly publicized scuffle at last weekend’s Mr. Olympia Expo that nearly exploded into fisticuffs.

Although Sonnen has offered to fight the former Pride FC champ, it was ultimately turned down by “The Axe Murderer,” who wanted a lucrative cut of the pay-per-view revenue before he signed on the dotted line. Silva’s constant trash talk and challenges without accepting the fight have begun to noticeably wear on Sonnen, who told MMA Fighting:

“He’s a distraction. He’s a distraction, no doubt about it. Absolutely (it pisses me off),” Sonnen said. “Wouldn’t deny it. It’s bizarre. It comes back to, on one hand this is pretty weird, man. On the other hand, well done. Well done. You wanted attention. It worked. You’re staying in the headlines by staying out of the Octagon. It’s very hard to stay in the news when you don’t have a fight, and here he is doing it.”

So “The American Gangster” thinks his Brazilian foe is trying to stay relevant in the news by sustaining an ongoing feud with him, and it appears to be working. Sonnen is baffled how Silva is able to do that without accepting the fight. It was almost thought to be inevitable that the two would lock hors at the Octagon at one point, but now that’s uncertain with Sonnen potentially rising to the top levels of the 205-pound rankings.

Sonnen talks a lot of trash, but he backs it up as well. He can’t say the same for Silva, whose constant blasting is something Sonnen labels as bizarre:

“It’s silly. In this sport, you cannot refuse to fight a guy and then come out and talk about that guy,” Sonnen explained. “It’s like, ‘Listen, Wanderlei. I’ve said a lot of things about a lot of people, but I’ll make that walk every goddamn time.’ I will never pull out of a fight. I will never call in sick, and I will never say no. That gives me the right to say the things that I say. I get it, he needs media. The UFC can’t give it to him because he’s not relevant. That’s not an insult, that’s just the reality. He’s just not relevant. He doesn’t have a fight coming up. But it’s bizarre, and it’s also very transparent.”

Both Anderson Silva and Jon Jones may have finished “Uncle Chael”, but at least he took on the challenge like a true warrior. He also stepped up to the plate to save UFC 151 on short notice. Sonnen is a gamer, but it’s tough to say the same about Silva until he stops running his mouth and steps up to the plate.

Will the two mortal enemies ever meet in the Octagon to settle their score?

  • I like Silva and I like Sonnen. A lot of people don't like Sonnen.
    You have to admit one thing though – Sonnen mouths off at people he's willing to go in the ring with. He looked like a guy with a big mouth looking for a fight. Wand looks like kid having a tantrum.

    • That photo at the end of the article is a great photo by the way. I don't know who took it but nicely done. Even the out of focus cage adds to the effect. Perfect timing.

  • Sux to see Wanderlei so desperately trying to hold on to his fighting career. He's a legend with nothing left to prove. He's clearly never winning a belt again or even getting near it so instead of calling out guys on the way to the top who will destroy you where you're weak go get some stand up slug fests and go out how you came in. Unless he knows this will be a big money maker which is why he wants PPV cuts and then retire on a boat load of money… either way it's sad seeing another legend drop off but try and hold on.

  • Ivy

    I hope Rashad gets injured so we can get this fight over with sooner! (p.s., I don't really hope he gets injured, maybe just has a high school reunion come up or something).

  • Wanderlei is probably entitled to a PPV cut if Chael is getting one. That's only fair and decent if they are both headlining a card. However, should wanderlei sign up to another bout without a PPV cut it raises questions about his credibility…..EIther you fight anyone without a PPV cut or you leave. The money is an issue with Dana not with Chael.

    • If Wandy really wants to hurt Sonnen like he says he wants to in his videos, then PPV cuts wouldn't really be an issue would it. I've always been a fan of Silva, but I think Silva's rants or rage against Sonnen isn't real, I like the old Silva who would be happy to slug it out in a grudge match win or loose.

    • That is true, but I think the only way to convince Dana is to turn up the smack talking and get fans clamoring for the fight

  • gm1

    Do not be misleed, silva in no way wants to fight chael. A person doesnt make special demands like PPV percentage to fight someone he really hates. Silva is a poser, weaksauce, and due to his last few years of fights, has no business asking for percentages…
    Plain and simple he is scared…

  • I'm a fan of Wanderlei but this whole thing about not gettting a PPV cut is not Chaels fault. If he is going to come at Chael like he has then he either needs to negotiate harder with Dana and focus more on him to get the PPV cut or just sign to fight Chael without the PPV cut. Chael is not the one stopping this fight from happening.

    Wanderlei, we love your fighting spirit but you cannot go after Chael they way that your are and not sign to fight him.

  • hahaha just realized the shirt Chael is wearing on the front cover says "medium rare"
    Too bad it was Chael's steak that got served up.

  • I wonder if Wandi knows hes a laughing stock right now by turning down that fight when it was offered and continuing to act like a moron? Maybe he's simply trying to gain Brazilian support, who knows?