Last night, Chael P. Sonnen, never one to mince words or hold back his true feelings, appeared on Fuel TV's "UFC Tonight" to blast the new official ranking system of the UFC. Voted on by 90 members of the sports media, Sonnen thinks that the rankings are made up by many who don't really even know what's going on. He made his view on the subject known with the following:

"I never understood what the fascination is with putting a number next to someone's name. I did this my entire tenure of college with girls I dated and I can assure you it never ended well. First and foremost, when people judge (other) people it's never fair. You got a bunch a media guys who really don't know a ton about the sport and every time you say that they take it as a huge insult but the reality is they don't."

"They go into a press conference with one thing, they hear the boss Dana White say something, they change their rankings on the spot so they can get into that big steak dinner the UFC hands out with the press conference. Let's make sure we understand how they came to be."

Some strong words from a man who, despite losing to Anderson Silva in his last bout for the Middleweight title, finds himself in the coveted spot of facing Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight crown this April. Sonnen did step up as the only man who would face Jones as a replacement for Dan Henderson at last September's UFC 151, and that most likely had something to do with the booking.

Interestingly enough, Sonnen was seemingly left off of both the Middleweight and Light Heavy rankings lists, something that is surprising considering he will be the latest challenger to both titles (at least until Anderson Silva finds himself a new opponent at 185). This may have something to do with his rant. What are your thoughts on Chael's words?