Chael Sonnen on Ronda Rousey “If you’re the champ, you’re headlining”

Chael Sonnen on Ronda Rousey “If you’re the champ, you’re headlining”


Chael Sonnen is asked about his opinion of Ronda Rousey and if he feels that she should main event UFC 157. He also reveals his favorite MMA moment as a fan and a fighter.

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  • KeithFarrell

    He's right.

    If it was the flyweight title on the line at 160 instead of the heavyweight title, would people be freaking out that it's in front of JDS/Reem? No because it's two guys.

    People know the title fight is always at the top of the card and if the guys against this are likely sexist, hard to see it any other way.

    • grapplure

      will chael ever be champion or a top 10 fighter???

      haha seriously chael stick to trt

      • Just Scrapping

        you have the most ridiculous comments.

        "will chael ever be a top 10 fighter?"

        Do you even watch MMA?

        • DaddyLongStrokes

          I explained why Onemoreround behaves this way.

          I will give you the cliff notes:
          He suffers from internalized Homophobia
          He has a hard on for Chael
          He acts like a tard because he wants to bone Chael
          He feels more insecure because he knows Chael would be top and there would be nothing that he, or most any other fighters could do about it without a referee standing them up for the end of the round.

          Chael would take him to pound town if he ever wanted to. But Chael is Republican and he doesnt do that stuff…..much to the dismay of onemoreround

          • Bruce Lee

            But Daddy, that doesn't explain OneMoreRound's dislike of GSP??

        • grapplure

          he was never top ten imo

          his mouth is his ticket

          • ripstic5021

            Agreed, and daddylongstrokes and war blowjob can fuck right off.

          • Evan Holober

            He was never top ten after winning 4 out of five against Dan Miller, Yushin Okami, Nate Marquardt, Brian Stann, and Michael Bisping, with his only loss to Silva?

          • Just Scrapping


            did i hurt your feelings?


          • Entity

            Ignore Dipstick War. He has little penis complex.

          • Akordas

            I don't give a shit if he is even the worst. But I can't stop being his fan.
            1.He have great speeches for motivation. That helps me.
            2.When he fight he fight hard as fuck.
            3.He does not pull out the fights.
            4.He fights anyone even with friends. Don't bitch about team thing or something.

    • kjs69724

      it doesn't have to be sexist in every case. I don't want to see them headline yet because I'd prefer to see the ufc build Rhonda/wmma up first. their are alot of believers in Rousey but let's build up thru the ufc. if people are sexist towards them why take a chance right off the back. Make them the co-main event just before another championship bout. Something that will lock viewers! the non-believers will tune in for example say Jose Aldo bout but wil forced and surprised by the Rousey. If she puts on the show we expect her to do you will all but lockin viewers for the next ppv with her as the headliner. Or even better showcase her for the belt on Fox. It's a win win

    • sambo

      I'm starting to like Chael, i must need therapy

  • Bruce Lee

    Wow, just heard Chael say "Rhonda fights like a girl and he thinks he can beat her after his fight with Jones". "She doesn't have a triangle," said Sonnen, "I'll beat her for the belt and she can make me bacon and eggs in the morning"

    • Bruce Lee

      Ps – for the uptight fans – it's a joke.

      • Entity

        LMAO, I was downloading a movie so I didn't watch the vid right now and I was all…"Did he really say that?" Then saw your next reply…I was OWNED! 8D 8))

        • Bruce Lee