Chael Sonnen May Offer Anderson Silva A Coaching Spot On TUF: Brazil...

Chael Sonnen May Offer Anderson Silva A Coaching Spot On TUF: Brazil 3


As all fans know, Chael Sonnen is the William Shakespeare, Edward R. Murrow and Rodney Dangerfield of MMA. He is a man that’s never at a loss for words and one that doesn’t mince them, either.

Keeping true to form, Sonnen recently spoke his mind on one of his favorite subjects, Anderson Silva, and regarding “The Spider’s” latest comments about Chael, which were, that Sonnen was “crazy” and that he was confused about how “The American Gangster” felt about Brazil.

When queried on the subject by WHOA TV, Sonnen simply stated that Silva “had the right to his opinion”, that he was looking forward to watching Silva’s next match and that “who knows”, he may even reach out to the Spider and offer him a coaching spot on his (Sonnen’s) team, for this season’s TUF Brazil.

On this point, if Anderson’s schedule permits and he can bring himself to be working with / under Sonnen, then it would great news for the show and the fighters on it, to have the legend participate as a coach.

However and regardless of whether or not Sonnen likes and respects Silva enough to bring him on board as a coach, the American Gangster couldn’t pass up the opportunity for lobbying for a third fight with Silva.

As fans know, Sonnen’s had two kicks at the can already and came up short in both.

However, as Chael likes to point out, he doesn’t “accept the outcome of either one of those fights.”

As Sonnen sees it, in the first fight Silva was out struck 303 to 11 and Chael feels that the bout should have been stopped; that the referee failed to do his job. Of their second match, Sonnen says he “fell down”, that he wasn’t knocked down and that it was wrong (inferred) to score the fight a knock out.

Without digging up the history of the two bouts or reminding Chael that of his 303 shots thrown in the first fight, that none of them cut or damaged Silva, or that yes, Sonnen did fall down in the second fight, but he also got back up and was then summarily dropped by Silva, all of it aside, the subject of a third fight between the two is an interesting one to contemplate.

Since their last meeting (July 2012) a great deal has changed and all of it has been positive for Sonnen.

He has transformed his public persona from that of cheat and criminal, with a chip on his shoulder, to one of an amiable, articulate and passionate defender of the sport, and a company man who will take any fight on short notice, and as against any fighter. Beyond that, he’s also become one of the sports best on-air commentators and analysts. In short, he’s gone from a villainous black hat, to a high profile hero with a white Stetson.

Further, Sonnen’s game has grown. No longer does he seem to be a power wrestler content with taking fighters down and simply grinding on them for 15 or 25 minutes. Now, he’s a fighter that’s demonstrating a submission’s game, as well, as exampled in his last fight with Shogun Rua; guillotine choke, round one.   

Further still, he has had the chance to witness Silva lose and more particularly, get KO’d by a fellow power wrestler. From Sonnen’s stand point, he probably looked at Weidman’s win and thought to himself, “I can do that.”

To that point, perhaps he could. Sonnen came very close to beating Silva twice and it’s conceivable, that now that he’s seen Silva beaten, that the third time might prove to be the charm for Chael.

However and in terms of a trilogy bout between the two, there are several obstacles in the way.

The first obstacle and perhaps the only one that matters, is whether or not Silva will retire after his UFC 168 bout with Chris Weidman.

If Silva doesn’t retire, then the standings math would have to add up, Silva would have to want to take the fight, which he might not be interested in, and finally, the fans would have to want to see it.

On the last point, there’s a strong possibility that they might. Again, Sonnen has really turned it around and become a real fan favorite, and where fans might not have been interested in a trilogy bout between the pair in 2012, they might be interested in it in 2014.

Either way, a lot of things would have to go right for Sonnen to get his wish, but in thinking about it, fans might come to the conclusion that the final chapter in the Silva / Sonnen saga still needs to be written.

Outer Photo: Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports

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  • enjoylife321

    So Chael wants to bring in Anderson as a coach and as a sweetner to get Anderson aboard Chael goes on the rampage saying he beat the crap out of Anderson in the first fight and fell in the second.

    Sorry Chael, Anderson is the last person to support you

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Sounds like he wants to offer Anderson a spot to try and win over a small % of Brazil. If Anderson accepted he might have some more of Brazil not trying to hunt him down, and lastly maybe a chance to watch some more of Anderson's training and learn some things for IF they were to fight again. I wonder if this will be the 1rst season a coach gets into a fight.

      • Ivy

        Or, maybe he just wants the best MMA striker in the world as one of his coaches for I don't know…his expertise since he…I don't know…wants his team to WIN (like the last time he coached TUF).

  • Bruce Lee

    Hey Brian, I was surprised to see you say that Sonnen came close to beating Silva twice. Do you think in the second fight Sonnen had him in danger?

    • 51JD51

      He claim closer than I ever have to beating him in that second fight.

    • Brian Cox

      Well, I went back and watched that fight again and he owned Silva in the first, had full mount and had the bell not removed Sonnen from the position, I'm confident that he would have finished Silva.

      Of course, round two broke and it was a completely different story.

      So yeah, I think we'd have to conclude that he came close to beating Silva second time through.

      It's strange, never in a million years did I think I'd want to or see any purpose in the pair fighting again, but times change. I think Chael might actually be able to pull it off, but his chances of getting that fight are probably small to nil, and I'll be shocked if he gets it.

      • Entity

        The interesting part now, is Chael has added submissions to his game plan….ie. Shogun last fight.

        • Entity

          I really dont care whether they fight again or not to be truthful.

        • IChokePeople

          He hasn't added enough to out grapple AS. Silva's BJJ is among the most overlooked in the sport. It is very high level.

          • Ivy

            Joe Rogan, is that you?

          • Entity

            Actually Im Joe, stay tuned for my next podcast.

  • grandslam

    So he falls down and the ref stopped the fight thinking he may have got hurt due to the fall. That makes a great story.

    This idiot got knocked the Fcuk out and he believes that he 'fell down'? I mean how stupid can this man be?

    • Entity

      To be fair, he went for the spinning backfist and lost balance after missing and fell. Then Anderson capitalized on it like he should have.

      • grandslam

        Oh yeah, I totally forgot. He tripped and fell down and got unconscious. You have a fair point.

        That spinning back fist that you're referring to was a joke btw. You actually need a man with Chael's IQ to even think of executing a spinning back fist in that situation. Anyway, what do I know about fighting…

      • grandslam

        Entity, it is disappointing to say the least that you're actually convinced with what this moron has to say about his last fight. You usually come across is as quite sharp.

        • Entity

          lol, I saw the fight. Im not saying if he didnt fall down, he would have won. But that first mistake lead to the final ending. Silva is a beast, one mistake, and you're usually DONE!

        • Entity

          I "funnied" your reply by the way Grand.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Gosh, I can't F stand this guy.

    • UnderdogGreatness

      I meant to say buffoon

  • akieyugames

    If Chael COULD convince Anderson to be a part of his team, then Wandy should go for Hendo on his team, Now THAT I would watch.

  •éAmorim André Amorim

    Chael attempted a coup in Spider, Spider ducked and Chael fell, then Anderson gave a knee and he shrank as a child and the judge stopped the fight at the right time!

    • Entity

      Thats what I said in not so many words above lol.

      •éAmorim André Amorim


  • DanaBlack

    Chael is a doofus…such a doofus. I am still in complete disbelief that Shogun lost the way he did to this doofus. It is inexplicable. Did he forget he had Muay Thai?? He could have (should have) kicked living hell out of that clown.

    • Entity

      What we perceive is not always true. Get in the cage with a wrestler that good and see how you fair. Me personally, I like to see strikers technically go at each other, not brawlers.