Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Know Who Else Is Fighting At UFC 167

Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Know Who Else Is Fighting At UFC 167


We are one week away from UFC 167 where GSP and Johny Hendricks headline for the Welterweight title (also the UFC’s 20th anniversary). Fighting in the co-main event is former Light-Heavyweight champ Rashad Evans against multiple time title challenger Chael Sonnen.

Chael said recently he feels the UFC haven’t done enough to promote the event. Speaking to Tapout Radio on SiriusXM the outspoken Sonnen told of his displeasure with the lack of awareness for his bout against ‘Suga’.

“You know, I’m on the card and I’m a huge fan. And outside of my fight and St. Pierre’s, I don’t know who else is fighting that night. The card as a whole has not been promoted. I think when you have Georges St. Pierre on a card, that at times they view that as enough. And it appears that that’s the case.”

“There’s another storyline here as well that this is the 20th anniversary event of the UFC, so that’s also been taking some headlines. But, I agree, I’ve seen the commercial and I saw the poster and Rashad and we weren’t on either. That’s up to them. They handle that, I handle the fighting.”

Sonnen may have a point, his ability to promote his fights with wrestling style interviews and comedy has made him a fan favorite and a promoters dream. If Sonnen speaks people listen and if Sonnen fights people want to watch.

Evans is also an incredibly popular fighter, being one of the few to headline an event with over one million pay-per-view buys for his UFC 114 fight against Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. It’s strange that the bout hasn’t received much attention as ‘Suga’ and Sonnen are two of the most well known fighters in the UFC.

Apart from the main and co-main event this is also an incredibly stacked card from top to bottom and could possibly be the best event of 2013. The fact the UFC has done little to promote the other fights on the card is inexcusable.

What do you think ? Have the UFC ignored other fighters and relied on St-Pierre to sell the card ?

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  • Ivy

    Rashad is the better striker IMO, and I don't think he has bad TDD either…I can see Chael getting the UD if it goes to the mat.

  • Entity

    Maybe Chael should hand the other guys a microphone….

  • enjoylife321

    Translation: I am not the main event and GSP is more popular than me. I got used to being in main event title shots and getting all the attention. Suddenly people are not so interested in me….The UFC are not doing their job to make me look better than GSP !!!!! My ego needs to be fed with microphones and constant media attention