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Chael Sonnen: Belfort needs to KO Bisping to win


Chael Sonnen gives his thoughts on the upcoming match-up between Vitor Belfort vs. Michael Bisping in which he says that Belfort has to KO bisping in round 1 to win as well as his 2013 goals.


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  • if the fight goes the distance bisping is the favorite, but i disagree that bisping has multiple ways to win!! vitor can submit him and there is a big chance he will get the ko/tko int the first 2 rounds!!

  • Sonnen looks good, man.

    Things he wants in 2013 – I thought it strange that he didn't lead with the 205 belt. That was oddly, very un-Sonnen like. I thought he would have hoped all over that question. Maybe he's mellowing or maybe he and JJ have become best buds and he doesn't want to say anything bad.

    As to Belfort, I don't know if he needs to KO Bisping, but I think he'll do it, anyway.

    • @ MMA truth. I think Sonnen has learned to keep his mouth shut, because he had to pay with 6 stitches on his tongue in his last fight.. and with Jones he does Not have his Only ability (wrestling) as an advantage.

      • @ toxic

        Could well be. Something seems different. We all remember what he can be like and when he gets handed a soft-ball, cherry question like that and starts talking the way he did…I half expected him to start calling for global, brotherly love and inner peace.

        I hate to say it…..I miss the old Sonnen.

  • Sonnen is right. Belfort has to KO Bisping early on or he has no chance of winning.

    • That's true, unless he wins first two strongly and hurts Bisping to the point that Bisping just is out of the game for the rest of the fight.

      • Bisping is so hyperactive and has great Cardio. Belfort – not so much. That being said if it goes to a decision Bisping wins. As Belfort slowly gases over three rounds his chances of KO'ing Bisping decline repidly. Gotta agree with Chael.

  • I just can't see Belfort winning, Brian Stann is a better version of Vitor Belfort, and Bisping already walked through him.

    • Stann is a better version of Belfort? You mean that Stann is a former UFC champion and former middleweight title contender?? Belfort has the chance to create another H-Bomb highlight-reel knockout on Bisping, and he has a pretty good chance of submitting him as well. Belfort has been the closest to finishing Jones, yet he doesn't have a chance of beating Bisping?
      By no means am I bashing Bisping, he's a very well-rounded fighter, but I don't think people are giving Belfort the credit he deserves. He definitely has a good chance of either ko/tko'ing him, or submitting him. However, I agree with others that if it goes to the decision, Bisping will probably snag the victory due to his superior cardio.

  • The stupid things we need to hear…..how the fuck is Stan a better version of Vitor??

    • I am pretty sure he only reads Stars and Stripes