Chad “Money” Medes is a fighter on a roll. More specifically, he’s a fighter that can set a new UFC record for consecutive KO wins, which would be five, should he be able to stop Nick Lentz on Saturday night, at UFC on FOX 9 in Sacramento.

As it stands, Mendes’s last four wins have come by way of either KO or TKO, and a fifth straight would give him sole bragging rights as being the only fighter in UFC history to do so. Money currently shares those rights with x-UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin. As fans will remember, Carwin famously broke into the UFC in May of 2008 and immediately racked up 4 stoppage victories, with none of his opponents making it out of the first round. Shane was then subsequently defeated by Brock Lesnar in the second round of their title match. However and as fans will also recall, Shane nearly took his fifth straight stoppage in the first round of that fight, but sadly, he had punched himself out by round’s end and then fell victim to a Lesnar submission.

In terms of Mendes, he’s not apt to punch himself out against Nick Lentz and as he’s well aware of the fact that if he can get the KO he’ll become the new “man” on the consecutive KO’s totals board, he’s going to be looking for it. To the point, Mendes is predicting that he will end the fight by a knockout.

However and KO streak bragging rights aside, a win on Saturday night will garner Mendes something that he probably wants more than some incidental tally, and that’s a rematch with Jose Aldo. When last they met, the featherweight division champion laid Money out with a vicious knee to the face and handed the unbeaten Mendes his first loss and KO.

As to their matching up again, it’s reasonable to believe they will. If both win their upcoming fights the only thing that might prevent it would be a significant injury to one or the other, or perhaps the possibility that Aldo decides to move up to lightweight and begins to dine on that division. If not, then fans will probably see Aldo / Medes II sometime in the summer of 2014.

Here are a few minutes with Chad Mendes and his good friend and teammate, Joseph Benavidez, as they do some Q & A, with Inside MMA’s Bas Rutten.