Chad Mendes: If Aldo Vacates Belt, Me And Cub Swanson Should Fight...

Chad Mendes: If Aldo Vacates Belt, Me And Cub Swanson Should Fight For It


Despite having already been knocked out by the champ, Jose Aldo, Chad Mendes is ranked as the no. 1 featherweight contender and still considered one of the only legitimate threats left to the Brazilian’s title.

Mendes was beat by Aldo over two years ago, at UFC 142. “Money” was knocked out by the champ with just one second remaining in the first round, the fight was fairly even until that point. The Team Alpha male standout was an analyst this weekend on Fox Sports for UFC 169, during the event Mendes told how he believes he is the only man who can be Aldo.

“I truly believe that I’m the guy who can beat Jose Aldo and I really want that shot. I’ve grown so much since the last time we fought. I’ve completely changed my game and I’m excited to face him.”

Mendes certainly has changed his style since the two last fought and his record since proves it. In “Money’s” last five fights, he’s pick up five dominant wins which included four straight knockouts.

However, it looks as if Aldo is planning on moving up in weight classes to challenge Anthony Pettis for his lightweight title. While Mendes would love to see that fight as a fan, he also thinks he should be fighting for the featherweight belt next.

“I’m buddies with Pettis, and as a fan, I’d love to see that fight,” he said. “But I’m the true No. 1 contender. I should be fighting for the belt next.”

Given his current record and ranking, it would be hard to argue against Mendes deserving the next shot at the featherweight title. If Aldo does indeed move up to fight Pettis, “Money” has an idea for the UFC to keep the division flowing.

“Maybe me and Cub Swanson can fight for the title (if Aldo vacates the belt),” he said. “I don’t think Aldo should take the belt with him and put the whole division on hold.”

Swanson and Mendes previously fought at WEC 50, where “Money” won a unanimous decision. Since then Swanson has been on a roll of his own, winning six of his last seven.

If Aldo does vacate his belt to fight Pettis, would you be interested in seeing Mendes and Swanson fight for the featherweight title?

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  • sporattik

    Aldo's belt shoudnt be vacated. He wants to get the lightweight belt so he can hold 2 championship belts at the same time and become the greatest p4p fighter. Aldo has done so much for the sport that the featherweight class can be put on hold till his next title defence. Mendes last performance wasnt that great, and if his belt was to be vacated it should be swanson and lamas.

    • MagicMMA

      Dana said he would indeed vacate the belt, as how can he be tha champ of two divisions? Also, it should be Mendes vs Swanson because Lamas just lost a fairly one sided title fight

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Lamas just lost this last fight. Not Johny Hendricks style, that's why Hendricks is involved in the WW title fight. Lamas lost handily. Mendes Swanson is what it should be. I do think he should vacate the belt unfortunately though. I'd love to see him hold 2 belts, but the reason he should move up is because the weight cuts are to much. If that's the case now once he fights at 155 and puts on even a touch more muscle going back down would be a bad idea. I think he should keep his belt however til after the fight so if he Beats Pettis he can hold 2 belts at once lol

  • ImmaBoss

    Aldo should vacate his belt if he wants to move up but i also understand the argument of wanting to hold two belts. As very few have accomplished such credentials, Randy, Bj Penn etc.

  • Ivy

    I could beat up all of the FW's in the UFC, except Uriah, Mendes and Aldo. The FW division is weak, and you can weak that!