After all the hoopla and fanfare over recent comments made by Nick Diaz at the UFC 158 post fight press conference regarding never paying taxes, longtime Diaz trainer, Cesar Gracie says that his statements were not accurate. Diaz had said, "I can't be jumping teams. I just have to invest a little bit more, now that I have a little bit more money…..You know what? I've never paid taxes in my life. I'm probably going to go to jail.”

If those statements were true, the 29 year old fighter from Stockton, California would indeed be expecting a visit from Uncle Sam. Gracie, however, explains that Diaz was not correct in saying that and that Diaz had paid more that $100,000 to the government in the last two years. “Nick is a little crazy, but he has paid taxes.”, Gracie is quoted saying to USA Today Sports yesterday.

To further complicate things, a Canadian based lawyer who claims to have a personal relationship with Diaz, disputes what Gracie states. Jonathon Tweedale went on record to say, “ Nick thought Cesar (Gracie) was taking care of (taxes) for him, and Cesar wasn’t….It doesn’t mean Nick is screwed, but it does mean things to be figured out.” And hopefully for the former welterweight champ, it will be sooner than later.