Home UFC Cesar Gracie gives Nick Diaz update "Diaz will be back early 2013"

Cesar Gracie gives Nick Diaz update "Diaz will be back early 2013"


Cesar Gracie gives us a update on his star pupil, Nick Diaz stating that he will return in early 2013. He talks about what Diaz has been doing in his off time and what is going on with his case against the NSAC.


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  • In related news Diaz thank Gracie for his patience and apologizes in advance for his positive Weed test in 2013.

  • I think comparing Nick’s desire to legally smoke pot (medical sanction or otherwise) with Rosa Parks, the Montgomery bus boycott and the Civil Rights Movement is a little much.

    However, if Nick was on that bus with Rosa, he’d already be sitting in the back…smoking a joint. Rogan would probably be sitting beside him.

  • Lol, I think Cesar’s trying to compete with Jackson and Winklejohn for stupidest, most inappropriate historical analogy. Which one was sillier, comparing Nick to Rosa Parks, or comparing the Jones-Sonnen fight at UFC 151 to Pearl Harbor?

  • yeahhhh weed is not part of civil rights movement….guy is crazy sorry
    it is illegal to smoke weed its like a bi-law in the state of California which
    allows some to smoke which is still illegal but they look away….but if im from Cali come to Nevada to work test positive for weed im FIRED! now I do agree it should be it helps alot of ppl and way safer than alcahol and the legalization would help across the board as a country from taxes to the war on drugs but it isnt and just because where your
    at you get away with it and your doc gives it to you………is like testosterone older fighters most likely need it the doc will give it to them …??…bottom line is illegal …I wish you could go see lets say 5
    doctors they ALL say you need “this” then it should be ok ur stressed
    here is some weed your count is way low here is the right amount to fix this your sugars are high here is insulin… if all Doc say yeah then
    its a go…off track sorry its Illegal sorry