Cat Zingano Will Be Training For Next Fight By March 1st

Cat Zingano Will Be Training For Next Fight By March 1st


Cat Zingano defeated Miesha Tate in April of this year at “The Ultimate Fighter” 17 finale, and with the victory took home the next bantamweight women’s title shot, as well as one of the coaching slots for the recently concluded TUF 18.

However, “Alpha” blew her knee out in preparation for the show and was subsequently replaced by Miesha Tate. Tate is now scheduled to fight defending division champion Ronda Rousey in Las Vegas on the 28th of this month, at UFC 168.

In anticipation of fighting the winner of Rousey / Tate, Zingano has released (via her Facebook page) a video of and statement regarding, her most recent doctor’s appointment.

As it turns out Zingano’s doctor has now cleared her to begin Jiu Jitsu training, as well as light pad work and has informed her that she’ll be ready to begin training for her next fight starting March 1rst.

In terms of Cat’s feelings on hearing he doctor’s pronouncement, she posted the following:   

 “Got the news today! I am cleared to train BJJ again and can do light pad work! Two more injections by Dr. Fady Elias of and im good to start sparring again March 1st! Heck yeah!!”

Truly this is good news for the 31 year old fighter and probably even better news for the UFC, because it gives them a rough timetable for formulating plans regarding the next bantamweight title defense.

As she has already beaten Miesha Tate, Alpha has let her sentiments be known that she’d prefer to face “Rowdy” over “Cupcake”. If indeed Rousey can defend her belt it will certainly set up an interesting title match and with neither fighter having ever lost a professional fight, and both stepping into the ring at 8 & 0, it would be an eminently marketable bout; “someone’s “0” gotta go”. In fact, it’s probably an enticing enough thought to even make diehard Tate fans and Rousey haters alike, see the upside of a Rousey win.  

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