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Carlos Condit’s Manager Says He Wants Condit vs. Diaz Rematch


Carlos Condit beat Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in February of 2012. Since then ‘The Natural Born Killer’ has lost in the title fight against GSP and in a number one contender bout with Johny Hendricks. So what is the next step for Condit? The logical answer woul be to try and build his win streak up again and possibly make another run at the title at 170.

Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa, recently appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA hour to discuss Condit’s future, the 170lb. division and more. During the interview Kawa mentions that he feels Condit and Diaz should have a rematch of their razor tight bout.

“I can tell you one I’d like to see again is him and Nick Diaz one more time,” Kawa said. “I just think that might be enough to get Nick to come out of retirement, who knows?” Check out the full interview below and stay tuned to Lowkick!


  • Doubt Nick will take it.

    It would go the exact same way but probably more in Condits favour. Both of the brothers have shown they will not adapt to kicks and will always be extremely vulnerable to them. They also both displayed that they won't be able to get off on a good striker unless he is standing stationary in front of them or is sitting on the cage.

    I honestly think this is a easy style match-up for Condit, he will adapt to Nick's game even better and Nick will just do the same thing as last time.

    • Checking leg kicks seems to be a big problem and keeping hands down.

  • I agree with you Keith, As long as the Diaz brothers stay with one training facility. I believe that if they took a look at some more trainers to expand their knowledge of the game, they will only benefit from something like that. As tough as they are, the game is changing fast, and if they don't expand their knowledge, they will become irelevant. I'm not a big Diaz fan, but damn, they are some great fighters

  • Why would Condit call out Diaz when he already beat him….He probably thinks its alot easier fight than the other options or he thinks a Diaz fight is the most saleable.

  • I wouldn't mind seeing Condit have another crack at GSP. He beat Hendrick's by any sane persons reckoning and did bettFailing that a rematch with McDonald would be another great rematch. But Diaz? Nah. He owned him once and has too much to his game for Diaz to handle.