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Carlos Condit Excited For ‘Crazy’ Fight With Matt Brown


‘The Natural born Killer’ Carlos Condit has spent the last four years as a top 10 contender in the UFC’s Welterweight division, building a huge fan base in the process. His clinical striking and slick submissions have seen the Jackson’s MMA product earn 27 finishes in 29 victories.

His only losses in the UFC have come to Martin Kampmann, whom he demolished in their rematch, Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks. Following Condit’s win against The Hitman at UFN: Condit vs. Kampmann 2, fans were clamouring to see NBK face off against The Immortal Matt Brown.

There was rejoicing in the MMA community when the fight was eventually booked for UFC on Fox 9, as Condit explained at the Sacramento press conference:

“ As soon as the fight was made, my Twitter blew up; people were losing it. This is going to make for a crazy competitive match”

Condit has been a mainstay in the Welterweight division, knocking out Rory MacDonald, Dong Hyun Kim, Dan Hardy and Martin Kampmann during his tenure. He predicts that the fight will live up to the expectations come December 14th:

“I’m Super excited to fight Matt Brown, he’s got a great style. The match up, stylistically, is gonna make for a really great fight. After the last fights (we had) there was a lot of buzz, people were asking for this fight.”

His opponent Matt Brown was also on hand to give his opinion about NBK and their likely FOTN bout:

“I’ve been a big fan of Carlos Condit and his style (for a while now), since the WEC days even. I’m excited to fight him, he’s not going to try wrestle me and keep me on my butt for three rounds; he’s going to try and take me down with his fists. The best takedown is a left hook”

This is a match that I’ve wanted to see for a while now, and I think it could be one of the best this year. Who knows, maybe this decade?

  • If I remember correctly, Condit never KO'd MacDonald. That was a submission.

  • No, your wrong as well as who wrote the article, he tko'd macdonald he did not " Knock him Out" I dont mean to sound like a ****, but this isnt mainstream television where the ufc calls fights that were tko's knockouts to draw in the uneducated mma fans or someone who's never even watched a mma event much less a ufc event, anyways guess i had to add my 2 cents because its definately a pet peeve "however you spell that" and i feel that it is for other serious mma fans as well, hope no offense is taken, rant over.

    • No offense taken. I don't claim to be an expert, and apparently my memory isn't exact. For some reason I thought he finished Rory via triangle.

    • Hey phildocta, a TKO means technical knockout. so Condit technically knocked out rory MacDonald

      • yea, I've done that also, by stating something from memory that just wasnt exact either, all good too me.

  • At first, i really hated Condit for his "arrogance" and everything. but as time passed, man, i became one of his fans. This guy likes challenges. Big challenges. Even though matt brown is on the bottom of the rankings, Condit still took the fight to please us fans. But I like matt brown too. I'll be satisfied whoever wins, coz i know it's gonna be KO/TKO.

  • Hey Rory I know what TKO means, but from watching mma events for long enough TKO and KO are clearly distinguishable for the most part , anyone who's educated and watched it enough would, im glad your trying to glorify things to make it more appealing but like i said i guess it just annoys me kinda like false advertising in a sense, maybe im the only one but w.e thats what commenting is for, oh and one more thing rory wasn't defending himself enough thats why the fight was stopped and was claimed a tko with macdonald very concious and awake and as you already know fights can be stopped by a bad cut, Which is a Tko as well which has nothing to do with the conciousness of a fighter.

  • I guess i made this into more of a thing then i wanted to,guess i just wanted to vent my irritation with how some things are directly written in a misleading manner to reel people in.

    • lol, dont sweat the small things my good man.

  • Condit has everything to lose, and Brown everything to gain with this fight. I hope Condit is not taking it lightly……

    • When does he ever take a fight lightly… Condit ALWAYS shows up!

  • At first I was all like wwhhaaatttt? But this ight will answer a lot about Matt Brown when I've been skeptical of the comp he's faced as of yet. It seems more intriguing to me now.

  • If Matt Brown can beat "The Natural Born Killer", I will truly be impressed.

    As it stands, I think CC will have an easy day with "The Immortal".

    As a long-time fan of both, this should be great.

    • Brown vs lawler would be awesome.