Carlos Condit happy to spoil GSP vs. Silva superfight

Carlos Condit happy to spoil GSP vs. Silva superfight


On November 17th, Carlos Condit will be a man on a mission.

The Natural Born Killer will step inside the Octagon to face Georges St. Pierre at UFC 154. Condit is the current Interim UFC Welterweight champion, while Georges St. Pierre holds the “original” belt. The fight will determine the identity of the true UFC 170lbs champ.

Condit’s failure will allow the Ultimate Fighting Championship to book the long-anticipated superfight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson “The Spider” Silva. MMA fans around the world have been asking for this match-up for a very long time, and it seems as most of them will be rooting for the French-Canadian at UFC 154.

Speaking on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, Condit declared he will be more than happy to spoil the long-anticipated dream fight:

“It doesn’t bug me, if anything it motivates me. The fact that I’m being looked past; it puts a fire under my ass. I love being the spoiler. I spoiled Nick Diaz vs. George St. Pierre and now I get to play that role again. The hype for a superfight between Georges and Anderson has been going on for a long time. The fight between me and Georges, there is not as much hype on it, but, I think we’re going to have a hell of a fight. People are going to be wondering why they weren’t excited about it after the fight.”

Carlos Condit is 5-1 in the UFC, losing only to Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann, who will be fighting Johny Hendricks on the same card.

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  • KeithFarrell

    Was talking about this fight with my mates about 15 minutes ago, Condit has a chance to finish any guy at WW and he spoils the party like no other but I see him having a hard time beating GSP.

    The only way I see Condit managing to get the big upset would be either a out of the blue finish or if GSP comes back from his surgery no way near his 100%.

  • BearAttacks

    If you ruin this super fight I will personally unlike your facebook fan page. Think about it Carlos…

  • rickjitsu

    GSP wins…’s as simple as that….

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Condit will finish this fight in the second round

  • Evan Holober

    … on his back bleeding profusely.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Lmao. Let me be more specific this time around, Condit will knock Georges Safe-Pierre out in the second round.

  • Warheadchief

    GSP is going to finish the finisher cementing himself as the king of the 170lb division again.

  • grandslam

    Man, Carlos should try running a marathon instead. I never thought that fighters have an option of running around the octagon to win a fight till i saw his last fight with Nick Dias.

    I am sure he’ll finish GSP cause GSP, like a fool, must be training for a fight and not a marathon!

  • mindkontrolle


  • mindkontrolle


  •! Dude!

    I wish this fight was going to be good. I think it’s going to be a snoozfest. Two Greg Jackson guys fighting each other. Ones plan is to lay “n” pray and the others is to run away. Sh*t! This could be the most boring fight that ends in a draw ever.

    I used to think GSP was baddass until he became champ. I used to think Condit was baddass until he ran from Diaz and became the interm champ.

  • cranestyle

    There is one guy who isn’t looking past Condit…GSP and he’s the only one that matters.

    For sure the biggest factor in this fight is, how strong is GSP’s knee. Carlos likes his leg kicks, so you know it will be tested.

    But whatever advantage Carlos had from GSP’s long layoff will be diminished by the fact that the NBK hasn’t fought in 9 months.

    Carlos made a mistake by not defending the interim belt. Besides the inactivity, he lost the chance to legitimize himself as a real belt holder, instead of a guy who won a #1 contenders bout.

  • David Saucier

    I am a Condit guy so WAR Condit!

  • grandslam

    hey hey hey… go easy on the weak guys! I like Carlos too…

  • David Saucier

    have you “Run Condit” haters seen any of his fights beside the one with Nick Diaz?

  • kungfurule

    GSP will break out his hockey fight move and pull a jersey over condits head then upper cut him till his helmet flies off , classic frenchy manouver!

  • azzkika

    That Diaz fight was probably Condit’s best performance to date. He picked Diaz apart whilst constantly staying out of the pocket which Diaz needs fighters to sit in to be effective with his style.

    Only a blind or deliberately ignorant fan refuses to acknowledge what a great performance that was by Condit and how Diaz didn’t have the ability to adjust his game. Edgar is the master at adjusting his game, iaz is a one trick pony with good Jitz. It’s just as well Condit exposed him because GSP would have clowned him even more.

    All of those who think Condit ran and did nothing else I ask you all to rewatch the fight. You will see (if your eyes are open) that Condit outclassed him pure and simple.

    As far as Condit – GSP goes I do think Condit is a legitimate challenge and not a gimme as so many title fights are these days with divisions having champions that are in a different league to the rest. We are lucky to have such a deep division. This is probably the #1 and #2 (Possibly Fitch is still #2) fighters who are both outstanding all round MMA fighters.

    This is the next best thing after the Edgar – Aldo delay and anyone who moans about this fight or Condit’s performance against Diaz isn’t a true MMA fan as this has skill written all over it and that is exactly what MMA is about.

  • Gaviin3

    I agree, a lot of criticism came with that last fight, i would have loved to see him defend that belt so solidify his status. But on the other hand it could have been a good move to fully prepare for GSP

  • DKMcGrath

    Im not impressed…

  • falcon4917

    I think GSP goes killer and finishes the fight at 5:01 of the 5th round.

  • falcon4917

    Don’t worry GSP has been training marathons all along, haven’t you seen his fights? They last forever.

  • johndo11

    The only party Condit is gonna spoil is his own pants party when he poops them after getting choked out!

  • winterman31

    Let me just say :

    GSP vs Silva is a tad more intriguing than Bonner vs certain defeat.

    No disrespect to Condit but I don’t see him even close in calibre. I’ll take GSP on one knee boys

  • winterman31

    this is mma commentary not your vending market in Tijuana ass clown

  •! Dude!

    Yes I have watched all of his fights and like I said before I used to love watching his fights. All I’m saying is that whenever any of Jacksons boys get close to the fighting for the belt the get really boring. (I.e GSP, Guida, Condit, Evens.)

    Condit showed up to a Karate tournament kinda fight. This whole “pickin apart” BS that everybody’s talking about is lame. I’ve even heard people compare it to Ali’s boxing style and that’s BS too. Ali would still finish his fights before it was over and not go to the judges. Condit never did anything to suggest that he wanted to finish this fight. The plan was to go to the judges, the plan was to run and poke at Diaz for points and let the judges call the winner.

    I’m not saying he didn’t win, I’m just saying I don’t watch the UFC for karate point fighting. I want to see MMA fights.

  •! Dude!

    It was not his best performance and his performance is nothing compared to Edgars. It’s clear that when Edgar fights that his goal is to finish even though he doesn’t always finish. Condit never went after Diaz he just kept running away. Edgar went into the 2nd round after getting destroyed by Maynard in the 1st round trying to finish Maynard and he did it in the 3rd fight. He kept going for it and he did it.

    Edgar is the man, he was a real champ and he’ll get there again. That’s what champs do.

  • duder113

    Condit is just not a fighter you want for your first fight after a +year long lay off. I’d be worried.

  • David Saucier

    It wasnt aimed directly at you Dude I had read all the post before I posted it was aimed more at the people who’s only intelligent thing they can say is something along the lines of RUN CONDIT!

  • Evan Holober

    “I’ve even heard people compare it to Ali’s boxing style and that’s BS too. Ali would still finish his fights before it was over and not go to the judges.”

    Muhammad Ali has 19 decision wins in his career, and he had 15 rounds to work for a stoppage. His second fight with Frazier was particularly boring as held his head with an open glove all fight. Something that was extremely scrutinized in the media, and the ref put a stop to it early in the third fight.

  • thexperience1

    im pretty sure GSP is at least at 90% by now… the way his camp trains the the length of his lay off and extensive physical theraphy.. im pretty sure he’s in TOP shape physically… Mentally he has his work cut out for him. After such a long layoff his confidence is not gonna be where it was until he gets his next “W”. It’s just been too long, on the other hand this might motivate him to train harder to be fully prepared for such a bout. I don’t think the GSP we’ll see next month will be any less of the GSP we’ve seen in his past few fights. The big question is: “Has he improved” !! Cause Condit is a beast and keeps improving with the minute.. sure he played safe against Diaz… but that does not make him less of a BEAST. He had the “titlefight” in the back of his mind so he just wanted to get through that fight to get to GSP but i believe he’s going after GSP with FULL FORCE and he’s had PLENTY of time to prepare just for GSP… He’s had the longest camp ever, just to slay the champ! I see Condit taking the belt and i’m a GSP fan so no bias here. I just think Condit will overwhelm GSP!

  • sambo

    I just hope he doesn’t spoil the GSP Condit fight

  • sambo

    In the process of running ,Condit will trip over GSP laying in the middle of the octagon and KO himself and the Champ will finally get another ko win on his record

  • sambo

    that made me laugh kungfu

  • kungfurule

    I bow to my peeps

  •! Dude!

    Cool David. Maybe I should do the same. :)

  •! Dude!

    Yes he did have 19 decision wins but out of 61 total fights 36 by way of KO. Yes 15 rounds to work towards a stoppage but only 11 out of 61 fights went 15 rounds and the bulk of those were near the end of his run as a pro boxer.

  • azzkika

    Edgar is my favourite fighter of them all but he sticks and moves and only goes for the finish if the chance arises. Condit done the same against a fighter with lethal hands. Strategy wise it was perfect. he nailed Diaz in every round whilst hardly taking a shot. To do that against Diaz is superb.That Diaz couldn’t adjust his game is his own fault. Condit picked him apart and was an outstanding exhibition of skill.

    There’s a huge difference between what Condit and Edgar do in fights to what Guida done last time out. Condit engaged Diaz every round but avoided damage.

  • azzkika

    We are all just lucky that GSP’s career wasn’t finished by this injury. I hope it is fully healed and won’t cause him future problems.

  • azzkika

    Dude we get it. You’re not a fan of the hit and don’t get hit philosophy taught by Bruce Lee but that doesn’t mean fighters should go Tank Abbott style just to please the so called fans who only want to see certain types of fights.

  •! Dude!

    Yes and no. Frankie Edgar is my favorite fighter so I do like a “stick and move” approach. I just don’t think it’s cool to go into a fight by fighting not to lose. They should fight smart but fight to win. They call Condit “The Natural Born Killer” and that guy never should up to fight Diaz, the guy that should up to fight Diaz is the guy that’s going to show up to fight GSP. He will fight not to lose and so will GSP that’s why I think that this fight could be kinda boring.

    Frankie Edgar trys to set his guys up so that he can finish again, this doesn’t always happen but you can tell that his plan is to finish. Even though Frankie “sticks & moves” he’s very aggressive Condit was not. Condit won the point game yes and of course you don’t stand in front of Diaz that would be foolish but this Karate point fighting thing is just lame.

    Tank was fun to watch when I was a kid thought, he’d beat people and then get choked out. It’s what made me want to learn BJJ. :)

  •! Dude!