Competing in his first MMA competion, Ontario resident Felix Pablo Elochukwu, died shortly after his debut bout in Port Huran, Michigan this past Friday. The 265-pound Nigerian born fighter was a three-time gold-medal winner on the local grappling circuit. The fight had begun with the first two rounds being a grappling session and spectatcors said the inepxperineced fighters both looked extremely fatigued in between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. During the 3rd round, however, Elochukwu was mounted and received numerous hammer fists from that position. The referee felt he was not defending himself enough and called a stop to the fight.

During the announcement of the decision, Elochukwu appeared aware and alert, sources say. As his corner helped walk him out, they sat him back down in a seat where they noticed he was behaving slightly erraitcaly. Thinking it was related to his aggressive drop in blood-sugar they gave him some orange juice and then the fighter collapsed. Paramedics showed up within minutes and were able to bring him back to consciousness. The heavyweight was pronounced dead shortly after. It is not known if he had passed on the way to the hospital or while he was there at this. An autopsy was performed this past Sunday and the results will be made available by the end of this month.

It should be noted that neither fighter was required to have any pre-fight medicals done prior to their competition as this fight was considered "unsanctioned". Our prayers and condolences to the family of the fallen warrior. More news as it becomes available.