Canada / Australia TUF Tryouts Announced

Canada / Australia TUF Tryouts Announced


The UFC announced their official tryouts for the new “TUF” nation’s show, which will feature fighters from both Canada and Australia as they try and earn UFC entrance.

Tryouts will take place Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle on September 22nd and in Sydney on September 11th. The specific location within Sydney has yet to be announced.

The UFC is looking for both welterweight and middleweight fighters, who are between the ages of 18 & 35, who have at least 3 pro fights and a valid passport. Previous TUF cast members or former UFC fighters are not eligible for participation.

Interested parties may apply online at…

Coaches for the show will be Patrick Cote (Canada 6 & 8) and Kyle Noke (Australia 4 & 2). Both fighters are former TUF alums, who are endeavouring to establish themselves within the welterweight division; neither fighter is ranked.

The show is slated to air early next year.


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  • s2681043

    For any of you ******** Muay Thai fans, my trainer John wayne parr 10x world champ is trying out for team Australia. He is flying to Canada next week to train gsp on his Muay Thai and intern get to work on his wrestling. Could be very hard to stop if he learns to sprawl!!

    • enjoylife321

      @2681043…..r you a gold coaster? you probably also know Nugget. he is a top trainer up in Brisbane for Muay Thai Training. These guys have been in the game a long time…

  • s2681043

    Sure am, training at boonchu. And yep have herd of him. Will b great too see how he can handle it

    • enjoylife321

      you are definetly training at a great gym. I love seeing top Muay thai guys come into the sport of MMA especially when you've got guys like Silva taking everyone to task in the standup.

    • Entity

      Haven't seen you around, welcome man.