UFC 161 is set to go down this Saturday, with the headlining bout being Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson. Both guys have had great careers as former champion and popular fighters, but do they have the ability to draw in a big viewing? UFC PPV's are used to being headlined by some huge bouts, but sometimes these things happen in MMA. UFC 149 is a perfect example of a card that tanked big time.

UFC 149 tanked so bad that Dana White apiolagized publicly for the poor showing. Now UFC 161 is a perfect example of a card that could go either way, it has enough talent on the card to deliver some exciting fights-But the question is will it deliver?

There's no doubt that losing Shogun vs. Nogueira and Renan Barao vs. Eddie Wineland is a huge blow for UFC 161, but we shouldn't be so quick to count out the show just yet. Fun fact: 7 fighters in total have been pulled from UFC 161: Shogun, Nogueira, TJ Waldeburger, Sao Palelei, Barao, Wineland and Isaac Vallie Flagg.

Let's look at the main card, Hendo vs. Evans could be an exciting slugfest OR a tiring wrestlefest. My gut tells me that these two guys still have the ability to put on a great show. Then there's Roy Nelson vs. Stipe Miocic, if that fight doesn't finish by KO I will be very surprised.

Pat Barry vs. Shawn Jordan is another fight that has a big chance of some fireworks. Alexis Davis vs. Rosi Sexton, Ryan Jimmo vs. Igor Pokrajac, and then we've got Sam Stout fighting James Krause on the undercard. You know the more I look at it, the more I think that UFC 161 is more likely to be exciting than it is to be boring.

Although it may not have the star power to draw massive PPV's, UFC 161 could well be a thoroughly exciting night of fights. In reality, you could have six or seven huge names on one card, and it could still suck more than a toothless hooker at a Mardi Gras. It all depends on the matchmaking, fighter preparation, motivation and countless other variables.

The truth is that UFC 161 could go either way, maybe if we all think positively at the same time.....no? OK well let's just pray we don't waste $500, or whatever a PPV costs nowadays.