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Can Anyone Blame Ronda Rousey For Making The Jump To Huge Movie Roles?


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has enjoyed an meteoric rise to stardom, her talent and charisma even able to make Dana White warm up to the idea of WMMA. Now, her success is beginning to translate into huge opportunities outside of fight, and she’s made waves in recent weeks for her upcoming movie roles in “The Expendables 3,” and “Fast and Furious 7.”

Those are two huge franchises, and Rousey’s sudden involvement left the MMA community speculating as to how long she actually left in her fighting career. After all, it’s understandably hard to resist the fame and money acting provides when compared to the grinding long hours it takes to be a top-level fighter. To calm the fires, Rousey soon voiced her thoughts that she might have around two years of fighting left.

But this seemed to draw more of a backlash than anything before it, and it visibly angered the undefeated champion. She took to twitter with some strong-willed responses:

From the look of things, Rousey is none too happy with her critics. It’s never easy to be in the face of staunch criticism, but a certain amount of it comes with being the first-ever UFC women’s champion. And all this has come after Rousey has only fought one single fight in the octagon. Her star is rising to a previously unforeseen level, one that could quickly surpass any of the success that former Strikeforce women’s champ Gina Carano has enjoyed in acting.

So with that established, is it really fair for anyone to blast Rousey’s decision to take the big-name movie roles? It’s an opportunity that precious few will ever be afforded, and she has the ability to become a true mainstream star. No MMA fighter has ever done that in America to this date. True, Rousey should perhaps entertain fight fans with some more title fights, but she did at least give herself a timetable of 2-3 more years in the cage.

Overall, it’s kind of exciting to see an MMA champion transition to such widely released movie roles. It means that the sport is getting noticed, and that’s good for MMA as a whole. It’s always been a goal of the UFC to get onto that same level of sports exposure as the main four sports enjoy, and while there’s still of ton work to be done, Rousey’s acting roles could definitely be a big step in the right direction.

We’ll just have to see how the films perform. Because the pressures of Hollywood might just be tougher to fight off than any opponent she’ll meet in the octagon.

  • do some ***** and no one will complain rhonda!

    • look she has changed since becoming big….. but the movie she is going to be in she would be training alot just making the movie ……I think over rated think Gina would be a great fight and really hate to say it but Cyborg would be awesome any chic that can keep the fight standing has good grd defence…..cause Rhonda needs a reality check ground game is all she has

      • She's changed huh? So you know her? What was she like before? GTFO.

  • If you have the choice between actor and MMA fighter, and you pick MMA fighter, I'm sorry, but you're a complete idiot.

    As an actor, you have more earning potential, a much longer window of opportunity, a longer life, and a better quality of life. Every fight and training camp in a contact sport takes years off an athletes life. I'm not just talking about MMA, there are plenty of examples in boxing, football, and hockey as well.

    In the end, if you really love to fight, I guess that's what you have to pick, but it's not the smart choice any way you slice it.

  • It is tough, almost impossible to stay fighting with the allure of Hollywood calling. Sometimes opportunities arise that you just can't pas up.

  • how much money do you think she will make being in a movie with 10 other actors that have a 100% more star power than her in expendables 3, and 5 or 6 in fast n furious.
    of course she should do those movies as well as fight.
    i dont think Gina and Rampage are coming out with a new movie anytime soon.

  • True, she should probably see how these flicks turn out for her before putting a deadline on her fighting career. Especially with only one UFC fight.

  • Yeah I am gonna be weaked all over but I gotta state the truth: Rousey is overrated as a fightress and there is nothing more for her to achieve in the movie bizz than being an extra with a kinda known name.Sorry.

  • Oh by the way – Tate is gonna TKO her. Just to inform you.

    • What the fu!? Who weaked me for this one? Be a man and tell me to the face!!

      • I weaked you… i tried to weak you twice but unfortunately it's not possible.

  • Well, Gina went to Hollywood and I don't see a great deal of career happening, there and she has a major asset going for her and that's that she's stunning to look at. Rousey on the other hand, although attractive, is not a beauty by Hollywood standards.

    Beyond that and like Gina, I suspect that she's probably not much of an actress, either. Put it all together and I have to wonder if she'd be walking away too early and into the promise of a career, like other MMA fighters like Rampage and Couture, who have done it, had some limited success, but nothing that I'd call a career.

    Sure she can get a couple or roles now and make some cash, but beyond that I'd really have to wonder.

    Beyond that, I'd say she shouldn't be looking past a motivated Miesha Tate and should she lose to Tate, what does that do to her Hollywood marketability?

    Personally, I've begun to wain on her personality and now find her smug and in the same way that I used to find Anderson Silva smug, pre his loss to Weidman. For me, I'd be quite happy to see Tate beat Rousey and knock her ego down a peg or two.

    At the end of the day, where I'd watch Rousey's fights and consider her to be a tremendous fighter, I wouldn't watch Expendables "X" or Fast-and-Furious "X" and that my guess is, that she's going to be a stilted athlete-actor delivering BS performances in BS movies.

    • Amen.

    • U can't compare Gina to Ronda… Ronda's starpower is 100x that of Gina. Gina entered hollywood as a "has been" and after suffering a brutal beatdown by Cyborg. Ronda is entering Hollywood as a f*cking superstar landing 2 parts in 2 of the biggest movie franchises at the moment and most likely to be offered a lot more big roles…. Even if Tate would beat Ronda… She'll have 2 major flicks coming out next year and probably more offers on the table before she even fights. Her story is a little different than the other fighters that crossed over to hollywood and Rampage wasnt diciplined enough to do both at the same time so turned down a bunch of big opportunities, which put his acting career on hold indefinitely.

      • Jesus Christ are you out of your mind?? Ronda vs Gina is like Cyborg vs Heidi Klum.

        • Are you illiterate? I suggest you read again… cause i didn't say Ronda looks better than Gina. This has nothing to do with looks… its star power and marketability and right now, Ronda is IT… period!
          The stars have aligned for Ronda, she's making all these moves while she's at the top and not when she's on her way out after a vicious beating like Gina… she never came back from that, that says enough!

    • Yep.

  • Gina had more star power then ronda sorry

    • If that's really what you think, you are a ignorant fool my friend… 🙂

  • What the fcuk, Its her choice, no one can mess with that, why would people dictate what she should do with her life, move on.

  • why would anyone want to blame someone else for making choices concerning their live???
    That's like "hey, look at me, I don't have no live, so I'm going to be bitching about yours".
    not that healthy.

  • Who the f\/(k is anyone to judge her life choices?