You read that correctly my friends, two huge heavyweight fights are coming to you on memorial day weekend May 25th. Which just so happens to be exactly 364 days after Cain rebounded from his title loss with a brutal TKO victory over Silva.

Tuesday's edition of UFC Tonight announced the news, making it safe to conclude that Bigfoot has proved his worth and contender status to the UFC brass, earning himself a championship fight and an interesting rematch hot off the biggest upset of 2013 thus far.

It's likely Silva will enter the fight as an overwhelming underdog given the manner with which the champion dispatched him with in their first meeting, however if anything should be learned from the heavyweight divisions recent history, it's that you shouldn't be counting out towering monsters with this kind of power. At this size, and this level, one swing can change the momentum and quickly decide the outcome of a fight.

Also announced was the long awaited, hyped up, bad blooded face-off between Junior dos Santos and Alistair Overeem. This fight has been talked about since Dos Santos first claimed the title from Cain Velasquez with a quick KO finish over a year ago.

With all the pieces set in place for a great striking match, this could be the heavyweight version of Aldo vs Pettis. This match has more than just fireworks written all over it, fans just may have to anticipate some nuclear bombs being thrown in this fight. With both fighters coming off of very brutal and diminishing losses, it will be interesting to see who bounces back stronger and who manages to further improve, showcasing their true heart and resiliency in the process.

It's also important to notw that with the heavyweight division in it's current state and given the recent title shot opportunities handed out by the UFC like party favours. It wouldn't be crazy to think that with a solid clear cut dominant win and/or finish, the winner of this macth could potentially find themselves right back into a title match facing the winner of the Velasquez/Bigfoot bout.

We'll just have to see how it all unfolds, but it's definitely an interesting development for the division and some great matchups for the fans.

Let us know what you think! Which fight are you more excited for?