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Cain Velasquez UFC 160 Pre-Fight Interview


On Saturday May 25th Cain Velasquez will stand opposite Antonio Silva and try to repeat history, although this time the Heavyweight strap is on the line. When the two first met, at UFC 146, Velasquez had just suffered his first loss and was out to prove himself worthy of another title shot. His first round KO loss to Junior dos Santos had re-energized Velasquez, and Silva was in the way. Cain was fired up and ‘Bigfoot’ bore the brunt of the Mexican’s anger, eating some nasty shots en route to a TKO in one.

Since that night, Silva has been on a two fight win streak-knocking out Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem to solidify his status as a top contender and earning a rematch with Velasquez. Check out Cain Velasquez in a pre fight interview ahead of UFC 160 and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Must be weird for Cain, having the biggest motivation in his career to face his biggest challenge of regaining his title and taking revenge…. going to a fight where he will be hard to get up for, seeing as their last meeting was the easiest/most dominant of Cain's career.

    • no sense at all for the rematch!!! i think cain will destroy bigfoot again, and JDS will absolutely obliterate mark hunt, having such a small pool for the heavyweights, i think they should sign other heavyweights specially in brasil, i think there are many good heavyweights out there not just same old fighters. I think Overeem should fight more pat barry.

  • Perhaps…but Cain is the definition of hard work! He's not going to let any assumptions get between his work ethic. He is way too smart and humble to look past an opponent. If anything he's motivated to beat him quicker than the first time and start his legacy as a heavy weight. I don't see anyone beating him in the neat future unless he makes a mistake or someone just comes out and straight drops him. Then again, only to suffer a 25 min beating.
    War Cain!

  • I think Cain should step up and Challenge Jone's before he becomes a threat to him and starts gaining weight! Jones has been outspoken about iand has thought about going up in wt.

  • I think Werdum have best chances at beating Cain right now. Fabricio have nice clinch and best ground game in a world, it would be worst match up for Cain in my opinion.
    But damn Cain Valesquaz is born to be a champion. I agree this rematch makes no sense, but I love watching Cain.

    • how come werdum came up here? i think the only fighter he beat is nelson, and nelson got destroyed by JDS and werdum was obliterated by JDS, and what he showed in the overeem fight was a total lame.