Cain Velasquez isn’t one for trash talk ahead of his fights; he likes to let his hands do the talking, as it were. Look no further for proof of that, than UFC 155. Velasquez rag dolled Junior Dos Santos in their second bout, more so than any other fighter had even come close to.

The fight at 155 was vengeance for Velasquez, who had suffered a shattering 64 second KO at the right hand of JDS the previous year; losing his Heavyweight title and unbeatable aura in one evening. The horrific pasting he put to JDS can only be likened to attempted murder.

So for the third time in two years, Dos Santos and Velasquez will go to war, and CV plans on settling things once and for all. Check out what he had to say regarding the enigmatic trilogy with Cigano, to LA Times:

“With his punching power and considering it’s an MMA fight, anything can happen,” Velasquez said. “We have to be on form with our offense, defense, technique, for everything that will happen that night.”

“His technique can be a little different -- that’s what he wants, to be more aggressive, throw different stuff, like he did in the Mark Hunt fight,”

Dos Santos certainly looked a renewed fighter at UFC 160, when he put on a FOTN performance against Mark Hunt. The third round KO via spinning heel kick was testament to Cigano’s evolution as a fighter; His cardio was much improved, his footwork was quicker, his hands were heavier and faster, and he just seemed more comfortable in the cage.

On that same night in May, Velasquez squashed Bigfoot Silva in their highly (or not) anticipated rematch. Scoring a first round TKO, eerily reminiscent of their first bout. Velasquez knows what he will have to endure at UFC 166 this Saturday, and claims to be ready and well prepared:

“He’ll want to keep the fight standing like he always does, but how he’ll be more aggressive is yet to be determined. I train for everything that we think might come at us.”

“He’s won one, I’ve won one,” Velasquez said. “This settles it.”

The anticipation grows as the decider in this exciting trilogy approaches, but this may not be the last time that JDS and CV meet. The division is still very shallow and these two are, by far, the biggest talents at Heavyweight right now.