Brendan Schaub Looking To Fight Mark Hunt

Brendan Schaub Looking To Fight Mark Hunt


Brendan Schaub had a solid 2013 in the UFC and is hoping that 2014 gives him similar results.

After taking back-to-back KO losses at UFC 134 & 145 through 2011 and 2012, The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 finalist is currently on a two-fight win streak and once again appears to have some momentum behind him.   

Last active in September of 2013, when he submitted Matt Mitrione at UFC 165 in Toronto, “The Hybrid” has now set his sights on Mark Hunt. This according to Schaub’s manager and via UFC Tonight’s Twitter account:

“The Super Samoan” is ranked number eight in the division, six spots above Mitrione, and although he’s taken a loss and a draw in his last two fights and hasn’t won since he knocked out Stefan Struve in March of last year, he’ll stand as a huge step up in competition for Schaub.

Hunt is a powerful fighter who can both take and deliver powerful shots. Given that “Hybrid’s” three career losses all come by way of KO, Hunt is a dangerous opponent to ask for.

However,”The Super Samoan” is also a smart fight for Schaub to seek out. Hunt is a big name in the division and a top 10-ranked fighter. A win over him would vault “The Hybrid” up the rankings and prove him a threat in the upper echelons of the division.   

The question for Schaub is, can he stand up to that challenge?

If he gets the match, Schaub might be well advised to get the fight to the ground or stay well out of Hunt’s range. If he can do that, he might be able to score a submission or decision victory. However, if he were to allow himself to become engaged in a slugging match with “The Super Samoan,” then it could easily be lights out for Schaub.

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  • Zip

    As the saying goes, careful what you ask for, Brendan.

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Yea for someone who's losses have come by K.O he really shouldn't be asking for Hunt.

    • Brian Cox

      Have to give him the credit for having the Kahunas to ask for the fight, though. Props to him for that.

  • xcityofemberx

    Title should be :
    Brendan Schaub Looking To Hump Mark Hunt