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Brazilian MMA Commission CABMMA Follows Nevada’s Lead, Bans TRT (But Hendo Gets One Last TUE)


Amidst the massive windfall of developments stemming from yesterday’s unanimous NSAC vote to ban all therapeutic use exemptions for TRT and the UFC’s quick decision to follow suit, it appears that Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission CABMMA has decided to do the same.

In a statement issued to SporTV, CABMMA medical director Dr. Marcio Tannure detailed the commission’s decision to ban all TRT use for fights based in Brazil:

“We discussed this subject for a long time here at CABMMA, and, as we use Nevada’s athletic commission as a model, we decided to make the same decision here in Brazil and no longer grant TRT exemptions for any fighter.” – transcribed via MMA Fighting

Tannure detailed that the commission was planning on deliberating on the matter before officially making the decision, but ultimately decided to ban the therapy outright.

The ban will start directly after March 23’s UFC Fight Night 38, which features the awaited rematch between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Dan Henderson. Long been known as a user of TRT,  “Hendo” will be the last fighter to be granted a TUE for a UFC bout in Brazil.

When the news first broke yesterday, many thought that Brazil would be the last to fall in line. However, it appears that the exact opposite is true, as the South American MMMA hotbed has decided to rid themselves of TRT once and for all.

With Vitor Belfort stating just moments ago that the UFC forced him out of his UFC 173 against Chris Weidman, what are your thoughts on this rapidly developing storm of announcements?

  • O man I thought the UFC oversees the Brazil athletics when they're there. Guess not. Either way it's banned there.

  • Vitor is going to drop down to bantamweight without TRT.

  • TRT definitely has an impact on these older fighters performances, it will be interesting to see what happens to them. Get rich or die trying?

  • I knew this would happen, just didn't think in this order. I expected rest of USA and then Europe and then Brasil.

  • This must be Vitors most favoritest day ever!

  • Ashame