Boetsch Not On The Weidman Bandwagon

Boetsch Not On The Weidman Bandwagon


Tim Boetsch returns to the ring this Saturday night in hope of putting his title-shot dream back on track.

“The Barbarian” was last in the Octagon 7 months ago and suffered a defeat (TKO) to rising division star, Costas Philippou. The loss knocked Boetsch off of contender’s row, but a win over Mark Munoz at UFC 162 could well put him back on it.

In speaking with Ariel Helwani of the “MMA Hour”, Tim made it clear that he’s not on the Chris Weidman bandwagon and that he’s “one of the few guys who’s been picking Silva from the start”. He said that he’s surprised that people are so high on “The All-American” and that Silva is “the greatest to ever step into the Octagon” and that he expects Silva to win.

Boetsch himself was set to face Chris in December of last year, but the bout was scrapped due to an injury to Weidman (torn labrum). Of that match, Tim said he “had a pretty good game-plan picked out” for Chris, implying that he would have beaten the All-American and that he’s sure Silva has a plan as well.

Beyond that the Barbarian wants “The Spider” to win, because he believes he’s the man to beat Anderson and that “it would be an honor to take the strap from him.”

Regarding his own fight with Munoz, Boetsch is looking to “re-establish” that his is a contender and that his last loss if fueling his fire. He thinks his fight with Munoz is a good match stylistically and that he’s “happy” the bout was scheduled.

Of Munoz’s weight, Tim says he was “surprised” that Mark allowed himself to go that far and that he hopes he’s spent his time preparing for the fight and not simply losing the weight. As such, he’s hoping to face the “best” Mark Munoz.

Of the fight, Tim believes that should he win that he will be back within a fight or two of contending for the middleweight belt. As stated, he hopes that fight is against Anderson Silva.

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  • InfiniteEnigma

    Great guy, but you gotta wonder, does he really believe what he said, or is it just because he wants to be the guy to beat A.S. In that case, I seriously think Chris has a better chance, as Tim's power striking could do damage, if he could land it, but seriously doubt he is quick enough.

    • Entity

      true man, He almost lost to Okami

      • Entity

        See Infinite? I get a "weak" also even though what I said was factual lol
        Chalk that up to a buutt hurt individual holding a grudge hahah

        • Brian Cox

          Entity…there is probably a phantom "weak" out there for everyone. Just that one twit who sees you name and "weaks'" just because it's "you".

          …you just simply ignore it. :-)

      • duder113

        he might also almost lose to Munoz and almost to everyone else after that; What would that make him..?