Bigg Rigg Knows He’ll Have To Beat GSP Twice

Bigg Rigg Knows He’ll Have To Beat GSP Twice


The hefty 215 pound (usual weight 220) Johny Hendricks answered some questions for “” this past Monday at the UFC World Tour in Las Vegas and told them that he hasn’t even started camp yet, but will be doing so shortly.

He sees the UFC World Tour as a kick-off to, as Hendricks put it, “Hendricks / GSP I”.  With that, “Bigg Rigg” made it clear that he fully expects to have to beat Georges St. Pierre twice. Johny believes that the only way “Rush” wouldn’t get a re-match would be if it was a complete blow out in his (Bigg Rigg’s) favor.

In his statement, Hendricks exudes the same confidence that Chris Weidman did before his dethroning of Anderson Silva. To me and probably for most, Johny seems to be the first guy that GSP has faced in years who seems to have a complete belief that he can and will beat the champ. It’s that, “belief in himself attitude”, that I feel is Bigg Rigg’s biggest weapon.

To the point, his confidence has gotten where he is today. In only 4 short years, he’s managed to go 10 & 1 in the UFC and now, sits a fight away from championship glory. He has stumbled only once on his championship drive and then, only by decision and even in loss, he never stumbled in delivering an exciting fight. On that point, Hendricks seems to understand all too well the formula for UFC success and as Bigg Rigg put it:

“You have to be exciting, that’s what we’re paid for. We’re paid to be nice to the media, nice to the fans and do everything we can do get our hand raised every fight…and if you can do those things, there’s no telling where you can end up.”

Hendricks summed it up as such, that an exciting fighter with 5 wins is going to be pushed and given more opportunities than a fighter with 8 wins who isn’t exciting. Citing the old cliché of “you’re only as good as your last fight”, Bigg Rigg says that’s why he goes out and fights, because he “has to and (he) has to fight for the fans and be exciting,” otherwise you’ll be looked over.

One thing is for sure, Bigg Rigg has proven himself to not only be an exciting fighter, but one worthy of a title-shot and should he dethrone the champ, he himself, will make a good champion. He’s a very nice and humble guy and as a GSP fan, I hope he draws the best out of the champ come November 16th. It should be a very good fight.

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  • soiWANNABEafighter

    You have to be exiting if you are fighting for the belt. If you hold the belt you have to successfully defend it. If you do, you are the best in your weight class. Jesus, that is all there is about it – what is all the fuzz about?! MMA math is pretty simple actually.

  • cranestyle

    Every fighter thinks he's going to beat GSP before he gets in the ring. Koscheck, BJ, Diaz, Condit, they all thought they were going to be the next champ. Even Dan Hardy thought he was going to win.

    I have no idea about who Hendricks really is but humble guys don't start about having to give the champ a rematch before they've stepped in the octagon.

    • IGMBurninPiff

      ehhh, I disagree. Just because the people say they're going to beat GSP in their prefight hype doesn't mean they believe it. You literally CAN'T go in and say you're going to lose because who is going to buy a fight that even the fighter knows he can't win. I think other than Condit and BJ they all knew they were going to lose. Even the loud mouth Diaz knew his main issue was verse wrestlers and probably knew he'd lose the UD. Big Rig is a serious threat. He's a giant WW, very strong. Power puncher. Good wrestling. If his cardio comes in good enough to get him through the fight he could win this. that said I don't know if I believe he'll be able to stop the points machine GSP.

      • Brian Cox

        SOS, I agree with of that. Johny is a different type of fighter and with a different type of attitude. He see's himself as champion and he knows he can do it, which he can. If catches Rush, I'm sure he can put him to sleep. However, he has to catch him first and GSP is a beast of an athlete and so he tell us, Rush apparently has something that he's working on for Mr. Hendricks.

        So all in all, for value of challenger and threat to the title, this is a great fight.

    • Brian Cox

      One of the things that really caught my ear, was his statement about his weight. I had no idea Bigg Rigg walked around at 215 / 220.

      One thing Johny needs to keep in mind, is that GSP has a 7 inch reach advantage on him. My guess is, Rush will look to use every inch of it.

      Beyond that, if Bigg Rigg can't KO the champ he has nothing else to offer him. He'll never take GSP down and dominate him, he'll never keep him on the ground or on his back and he'll never pound him out or submit him. It's just not going to happen.

      Still, I believe in Bigg Rigg's confidence. The problem for Hendricks is though, that GSP believe in himself just as much, if not more, than Hendricks believes in himself.

      It's going to be a great battle of beliefs.

      • nochoice

        Hhhmm, i do thing gsp will do it again and take the W.
        But hendricks is: able to take gsp down and maybe even dominate him because of ground & pound and yes maybe even submit him!
        A fight is a fight is a fight!
        This will be a tough test for gsp.

        • Brian Cox

          NC, I would never debate that he might get a take-down, but beyond that I see nothing. He's simply outclassed everywhere.

          He couldn't deal with Condit on the ground and had nothing for him, he'll fare worse with GSP if that's where the fight goes and more to the point, if that's where Bigg Rigg chooses to take the fight, then that will mean he's loosing the battle on the feet.

          Bigg Rigg has been emphatic in stating that he want's to KO Rush and my guess is, he's spent little time working his BJJ game and that on this issue, GSP has no concerns.

          Rush comes to the fight with a 7 inch reach advantage and a full gas tank. If Hendricks can't breach the reach, he'll wither under Rush's pace in the championship rounds.

          On that point, I nearly fell over when Hendricks said he was 215 and was down from 220. To me, that doesn't bode well for him, should he have to enter rounds 4 & 5. If he's gassing with his hands down, GSP will pick him apart.

          Hendricks scoffs and GSP's jab and thinks he's going to walk right through it. I don't think it's going to be that easy. GSP is a hell of a fighter and just as determined to remain champ, as Hendricks is to become champ.

          Should be an awesome fight, either way.

          • Entity

            I dont see him doing any better than Koscheck.

          • Brian Cox

            I think that's true, but I also think he has a better chance then KOS. Josh is not as mentally strong as Hendricks. Bigg Rigg brings true belief with that big left of his. He might be a limited challenge, but then again so has Dan Henderson his whole career and he's done pretty well for himself.

            Rush needs to come to this fight with a serious game-plan for staying away from that power, draining his energy and beating him mentally (when his one trick fails). Something Condit didn't have enough time to do, but had he, would have done in 5 rounds.

            GSP must survive the first 2 or 3 and the fight should be his. Hopefully, he will do more than survive and finish Hendricks. That…is what I want to see in this fight. A GSP finish.

            PS: Love the avatar. :-)

          • odesahitman


            interesting point on Jonny's belief that he can walk through GSP's jab – a seven inch reach advantage, a well developed jab, good movement and timing… Hendriks chance will be coming under the jab and throwing over hand lefts or rights.

            I believe this will be Jonny's strategy.

            Your thoughts?

          • Brian Cox

            Odesa….that seems about right, to me. Hendricks says he's prepared to eat the jab to deliver the left or even right. I think he will pressure GSP as much as he can and try and fight in close. Again, if he can't get inside and work his magic I fail to see how Bigg Rigg could win.

            I think your assessment is a good one.

    • Brian Cox

      Crane, that's exactly what Chris Weidman said of his fight with Silva, he booked the re-match before the fight and I'd say Chris was humble guy. He just happened to be humble, confident and talented.

      The problem for Johny in saying it, is that the doesn't have Chris's well-rounded talents. Johny is all about his punching power, his ability to close a distance quickly and explosively and his wrestling.

      It's just my guess, that GSP and his camp are taking all of that very seriously and will have something to counter it. To be honest, I wouldn't be shocked if the bell rand and we witnessed Georges as the one rushing out across the ring and going bang; catch him off-guard that way.

      All I know is this, GSP is champ for a reason and he has access to the best coaches in the world and he listens to the advice they give. He is also the best fighter in the UFC at carrying out a game-plan and my bet is, that they will have a special game-plan for Hendricks and that he'll execute it and that short of catching GSP with a left, he won't beat the champ.

      That said, I'd like to see GSP finish this fight and not just get a decision.

  • enjoylife321

    GSP will win this fight. People forget there is a reason he is the champion. GSP trains with the best. This fight is all hyped on Hendricks left hand. Gsp has trained smart to avoid that. GSP via decision win, utilising jabs and leg kicks.

    • enjoylife321

      furthermore, unlike Anderson SIlva, GSP won't be a d-i-c-k inside the cage

      • IGMBurninPiff

        I'd rather watch Anderson act like a d-i-c-k than watch GSP rub people with his. Dry hum-ping UD's for 5 years or a bunch of highlight reel finishes and finally a loss?

        • enjoylife321

          hands down Silva is far more entertaining.I'm just referring to who I think will win.

          • Entity

            Being an arrogand prik isnt entertaining to me.
            Seeing an arrogant prik get ko'd sure is though.
            Never liked Silva or his doosh attitude.

  • akieyugames

    Hope GSP jabs Hendricks' mouth into tomorrow, I like Hendricks, I like watching him, just have to click the mute button.

    • Entity

      GSP predicts his mouth wont be back for a month afterwards. 8P

  • Cookie77

    GSP via flying triangle combo arm-bar……while jumping off the cage like Vega in Street fighter.

  • big dunfey

    So tired of gsp haters. Always hating because he doesn't finish his fighters. Dry ******* or lay and pray???? b. He goes out implements his game plan and beats the he'll out of all of his opponents. When's the last time condit or diaz or penn or even kos has been finished. Their all tough as nails but he always beats them at their own game.

    • Entity

      Some of us feel if GSP can put you on the ground and keep you there, a sub isnt too much to ask is it?

      • Brian Cox

        It is not too much to ask. GSP fans around the world would love to see Rush sub Hendricks and as you say, with that much time and control on the ground one would figure that he should be able to garner a sub.

        I still think he needs a new BJJ coach. One that fights or who has fought, because I don't think John Danaher is getting the job done. Rush needs to be more aggressive with his BJJ and particularly from the top.

      • big dunfey

        Not at all but the opportunity has to present itself. When Ur going against guys like condit or diaz or Penn it's much easier said than done. But I do think he should be more aggressive with his subs. He should have broke hardys arm. There's no excuse for him not winning that fight by sub with three subs locked in. If he had an aggressive sub game he'd finish a lot more not only with subs but with strikes as well.

        • Brian Cox

          I'd agree with that, PC.

    • akieyugames

      I like GSP, I'm a fan, I don't think his fights are boring, but a finish is icing on the cake, and I NEED MY DAMN SUGAR OR ELSE!!!

      • Brian Cox

        That's not a bad way of putting it, Aki.

        Cut me off a slice of that cake too, please. I could use a GSP sugar fix, too.