The hefty 215 pound (usual weight 220) Johny Hendricks answered some questions for “” this past Monday at the UFC World Tour in Las Vegas and told them that he hasn’t even started camp yet, but will be doing so shortly.

He sees the UFC World Tour as a kick-off to, as Hendricks put it, “Hendricks / GSP I”.  With that, “Bigg Rigg” made it clear that he fully expects to have to beat Georges St. Pierre twice. Johny believes that the only way “Rush” wouldn’t get a re-match would be if it was a complete blow out in his (Bigg Rigg’s) favor.

In his statement, Hendricks exudes the same confidence that Chris Weidman did before his dethroning of Anderson Silva. To me and probably for most, Johny seems to be the first guy that GSP has faced in years who seems to have a complete belief that he can and will beat the champ. It’s that, "belief in himself attitude", that I feel is Bigg Rigg's biggest weapon.

To the point, his confidence has gotten where he is today. In only 4 short years, he’s managed to go 10 & 1 in the UFC and now, sits a fight away from championship glory. He has stumbled only once on his championship drive and then, only by decision and even in loss, he never stumbled in delivering an exciting fight. On that point, Hendricks seems to understand all too well the formula for UFC success and as Bigg Rigg put it:

“You have to be exciting, that’s what we’re paid for. We’re paid to be nice to the media, nice to the fans and do everything we can do get our hand raised every fight…and if you can do those things, there’s no telling where you can end up.”

Hendricks summed it up as such, that an exciting fighter with 5 wins is going to be pushed and given more opportunities than a fighter with 8 wins who isn’t exciting. Citing the old cliché of “you’re only as good as your last fight”, Bigg Rigg says that’s why he goes out and fights, because he “has to and (he) has to fight for the fans and be exciting,” otherwise you’ll be looked over.

One thing is for sure, Bigg Rigg has proven himself to not only be an exciting fighter, but one worthy of a title-shot and should he dethrone the champ, he himself, will make a good champion. He’s a very nice and humble guy and as a GSP fan, I hope he draws the best out of the champ come November 16th. It should be a very good fight.