Ever since Bigfoots huge upset win against Overeem went down, the Heavyweight division has seemed to fall into somewhat of a blackhole. With no clear cut #1 contender or any marketable matchups that makes sense from a logical point of view, the UFC is stuck trying to find Champion Cain Velasquez an opponent for his summer return to the octagon.

Many options have been thrown around as both rumours and potential ideas, but after absolutely refusing to fight his friend, coach and training partner Daniel Cormier, the UFC seems to have two options left. An immediate re-match and inevitable trilogy fight with Junior dos Santos or Bigfoot vs Velasquez part II.

Dana stated in the post-fight press conference that based on the way Bigfoot fought and the manner with which he finished Alistair Overeem, he wouldn’t be against giving him a title shot. But the question is, does Bigfoot want the opportunity so soon?

Silva's manager Alex Davis spoke with MMA Fighting and had the following to say on the matter:

"Personally, I'd rather have him get some other fights before he fights Cain. But it's up to the UFC, if they want him to go for the title, we cannot say no, either. But all is up in the air at the moment."

Davis, who refers to Bigfoot as “Junior”, chimed in further regarding potential matchups, the abilities of his fighter and more:

"Junior does not pick opponents. That has been his attitude forever. Personally, I like Josh Barnett, I like Stefan Struve. I think that Junior can beat any heavyweight in the world on a good day. If it's a rematch with Cain that's on the horizon, we are game also. The first fight with Cain, Junior made a small mistake in the beginning with that kick, I think [if it] was not for that, would have been a different fight altogether, so we are open to whatever the UFC wants for him."

We’ll see soon what the future has in store for Bigfoot. But until then let us know what you think in the comments below.