After Thiago Silva’s impressive win over Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante at last week’s UFC on Fuel TV 10, former UFC heavyweight title contender Bigfoot Silva quickly took to the web to call him out. The two were former teammates, and there is apparently a ton of bad blood brewing between the two heavy-hitting Silvas.

Thing is, Bigfoot competes at heavyweight, and has been known to cut weight in order to make the 266 lb. weight limit for his bouts. Thiago Silva fights at light heavyweight, but Bigfoot seems to think that he should be fighting at heavyweight according to some of his tweets. Thiago responded to Bigfoot’s challenge by accepting the fight, provided it is contested at 205 lbs.

And while this may seem like a distinct impossibility, news comes today that Bigfoot is indeed planning on attempting the drastic cut down to 205, telling Fighters Only:

“Many fighters perform at different weight classes, for example Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. I personally will attend the doctors to see if I am able to lose weight without spoiling my health. If can do it, I will drop weight to make this fight for sure.”

“All I want to do is just fight him because words won’t make him change. He’s mentally sick, we’re completely different people. I am a family guy - I respect my father, mother, wife, I treat my friends well, without pulling their legs, and I don’t take drugs.”

Apparently the two Silvas had quite the falling out since their days at ATT. While the details of the spat aren’t specific, the fight may become a reality if Bigfoot can truly do the unthinkable and make 205. There’s no doubt that both are extremely powerful punchers with good backgrounds in BJJ as well. But there has to be some serious animosity between the two for Bigfoot to try to drop around 70 lbs. to make the fight.

He called Silva disrespectful and mentally ill, and also cited Thiago’s well-documented drug use, which resulted in his prior two wins being changed to no-contests. An interesting call-out, as Bigfoot himself tested positive for PEDs after fighting for the Elite XC heavyweight title.

We’ve seen trash talk to hype a fight, but it appears that this beef is personal. Accusations like the ones Bigfoot has thrown around usually aren’t tossed at an opponent lightly, and rarely used just to promote a fight. This conflict has risen to a boiling point, and we’ll see if it ever gets solved within the Octagon.