Big Rigg’s Big Right: The Secret Weapon?

Big Rigg’s Big Right: The Secret Weapon?


Johnny Hendricks is a confident fighter, to say the least. His next bout is November 16th (UFC 167) in Vegas and for the 170 pound welterweight belt. His opponent is and of course, the reigning divisional Champion Georges St. Pierre.

Rush is not only the most accomplished and dominant champion the division has ever seen, but he’s also and hands down, the best pound-for-pound MMA wrestler the sport has ever known. He is to taking fighters down and controlling them, what Anderson Silva is to stand-up fighting. Simply put, there is and never has been, anyone as good at takedowns as GSP.

However, this doesn’t seem to worry “Big Rigg”. Hendricks’s intention for this fight is to bring both his heavy left hand and its (ugly) sister the heavy right to this bout and touch either to GSP’s chin. In a nutshell, that seems to be the plan and if that doesn’t work, to take the champ down and beat him up.   

In comparing himself to Rush, Hendricks stated:

 “He’s a jab guy and a takedown guy. He’s going to lay on top of ya as long as he can. He’s going to try and control the clock. He’s going to try and get me as tired as he can and as quickly as possible. That’s Georges…me on the other hand, you don’t know. Am I going to knock you out? Am I going to take ya down? Am I going to let you back up to your feet? I know I can take Georges down and I know I can keep him off my legs.”

Regarding Big Rigg’s assessment of GSP’s offense, I’d have to agree.

As to his answer for GSP’s style and the belief that he can take Rush down and in turn prevent Georges from doing the same to him, I’d say good luck on that one. Even Josh Koscheck, who I think is the best pure wrestler in the division and maybe all of the UFC, couldn’t prevent the champ’s takedown. More importantly, GSP is impossible to keep on the bottom. The amount of time Rush has spent on his back defending himself is of miniscule consideration and not apt to be a problem that Hendricks and his limited ground-game will be able to solve. As he had no answer for Condit when he had CC on his back, but rather spent all of his time fending off the “Natural Born Killer’s” submissions, likewise, I don’t think he’ll have anything for GSP on the ground.

Big Rigg could well win this fight and if he does, it will be in the open ring and while backing the champ up. What he will not do, is beat Rush up against the cage or on the ground. It’s an all or nothing proposition on the feet for Hendricks and in open territory; otherwise he will be jabbed to death and taken down at will.  

As a GSP fan I look forward to the fight, but with trepidation. Hendricks is a serious challenge to the champ’s belt, of that, no one can deny. Hendricks is hungry, motivated and talented. Should he beat Rush I won’t be shocked, but if he does it will be on the feet not on the ground and Big Rig should give up that whole notion of taking on GSP in a ground war and simply focus on becoming more comfortable with his right and ensuring that he can go 5 hard rounds, because the champ most certainly can.


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The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. Whether or not you think you can or you can't, you are right. Fast / Good / Cheap...pick 2. Better an honest word to the ear, than a stiff punch to the jaw; ego kills. A hall passed through with the doors open, is a...?
  • jmedno5891

    It can't really be a secret weapon if everyone knows you're going for it. I see him pretty much as a smaller version of Hendo, except that he'll actually still go for a takedown once in a while. The only way he wins is by flash knockout in my opinion. GSP by decision…..again.

    • Brian Cox

      JM…I would have to agree with your assessment.

      My only hope though, is that if Georges does win, that it's not by a decision. As a GSP fan, even I have become tired and bored of the decisions. I want a decisive victory. I want to see him take Big Rig down and submit him or beat him by TKO.

      I'll say this though, if he beats Hendricks the only other two names worth talking about in the division that I'd like to see the champ take on, beat and then move on, would be Maia and Ellenberger.

      If he could fight and beat those thee…wow, in terms of a victories list; the names on GSP "gotcha" list is a who's who of the 170 division. Impressive to say the least.

      • falcon4917

        I agree with everything you have said in your article and in your post response. I may feel hendricks is maybe not as big a risk as Maia though. I think you did a great job at being honest for this fight and you were not shy about still explaining your favourite in the fight. I appreciate that and respect your work. Great Job!

      • dropkickmurphy

        GSP by second round arm triangle..just a feeling.

    • enjoylife321

      I agree with jmedno, decision by GSP.

  • Entity

    The grammar in this article might very well be the best I've seen at Lowkick. Others do well also I will add, no disrespect.
    If GSP makes a mistake, it might be the end of his reign.

  • N.C.

    For all the people, who complain about GSP's decisions.

    Who could or did KO Hendricks? it's obvious GSP fights some of the toughest guys to ever compete in the Division.

    Is GSP still with Jackson? I haven't seen Greg in GSP's corner in awhile. I wonder what Jackson's strategy is? It's often taking away a guys comfort zone. Unfortunately, Hendricks comfort zone seems to be his own H-bomb. I don't see Hendricks doing what Kos, Hardy and Alve couldn't do while they were on their KO streaks either.

    If they go to the ground, I want to see GSP earn his black belt Mir style. None of Hendricks opponents have been solid grapplers. If you look up and down at his record. GSP is the best sub artist of them all. The Pre-serra GSP used to finish half his fights via submission.

    If GSP pulls off a finish, i see it coming via submission. At the very least I expect GSP to dump hendricks on his *** in the first minute. Hendricks eyes will pop out of his head just like Kos, Fitch, Shields, Penn and all the guys who had the look on their face of, "WTF!?!?! I'm a ______ champion! Nobody does this to me!" and GSP attacking with submissions, just like he did with Hardy and Alves.

    GSP's Team is smart, it's a give away when you consider how much Renzo has been around compared to GSP's other fights.

    • Brian Cox

      NC…again, you raise some very interesting perspective.

      In reading your post, what I found funny was your take on Frank Mir, for I am of the same opinion.

      If GSP could bring one man into his camp for this fight that would send a message to Big Rig and his camp, it would be Mir and where and what, Rush wants to do with this fight. Protect it or lose it, but don't go to the ground with me…that should be the message, from the Champ's camp.

      IMO, on his back Hendricks won't know what to do and pre the Condit fight, he was boasting about his JJ skills, yet, he had none. Carlos was owning him off of his back and Hendricks was holding on for dear life, trying to not get submitted, all the while eating up the clock and that was in a 3 round fight. I firmly believe, had his fight with Condit been a 5 round fight, that Big Rig would have lost. I don't think he had enough gas or heart to survive another 10 minutes.

      Johnny is all about the big KO and nothing else. He has nothing beyond it. He is a great one-trick pony. I think if he won the belt, Jose Aldo should immediately ask Dana White for a shot at the 170 belt. The winner of Henderson / Grant, should do the same thing.

      If he beats GSP, re-match no re-match, I just don't see Hendricks holding the belt. He's too limited. Where his limitations are such, that he might KO the champ, they are not such, that he will dominate the division as Rush has or strike fear into belts 2 levels below his own. For in a fight between Big Rig and Aldo, I'd take Jose all day long.

      • falcon4917

        Again I agree, Big Rig is not at the same level as GSP in terms of abilities and in my opinion only Maia may challenge that if he even can.

        • Entity

          But is Maia strong enough to not be controlled on the ground. We saw how long it took Anderson to get a sub on Chael in their first fight.

          • N.C.

            GSP wouldn't go to the ground with Maia.

            You'd see the Jake shields fight all over again. But this time with Maia.

      • N.C.

        In reference to Mir. Mir went into his fight with Silvia as a brown belt, when he arm barred silvia to a TKO victory (he broke his arm) He got the UFC belt and he was handed his black belt after the fight.

        GSP is a BJJ brown belt still. If he subs Hendricks, I see Renzo giving GSP his black belt in BJJ.

    • falcon4917

      Pre Serra GSP = Awesome! Post Serra GSP = Great but too safe to keep up with a legacy as great as what a couple of other champs are building. Sure his legacy is enduring but not as impressively intense.

    • akieyugames


  • cranestyle

    GSP's secret weapon? Hendricks over-confidence.

    To hear him talk, you'd think ""Big Rigg" crushed Condit, but if wasn't for take downs, he loses that fight. And seems I can remember split decisions against Pierce and Koscheck.

    GSP's footwork is way to good for Hendricks to land the one big unch he'll need to win. Then Johnny 'Bigg Mouth' will be just another in a long line of fighters who didn't give the champ the respect he deserves and end up looking very ordinary.

    • cranestyle

      woops. "one big punch"

    • Brian Cox

      I agree, Crane.

      Big Rig speaks as if his winning is assured and that the guy he's going up against is an incidental actor playing a per-destined role; that of loser or victim. Personally, I think it's going to be considerably harder and less predictable task to pull off.

      • cranestyle

        Yeah, delusion can often be mistaken for confidence. Good article, by the way,