Ben Henderson: The 155 GSP?

Ben Henderson: The 155 GSP?


Ben Henderson hasn’t had a stoppage since April of 2010 when he defeated Donald Cerrone (via guillotine choke) at WEC 48 and in defense of his lightweight belt. More particularly, the current UFC lightweight champion hasn’t garnered a finish since entering the promotion, which was in April of 2011.

He, along with his 170 pound counterpart Georges St. Pierre, are on 7 and 6 fight decision victories steaks respectively, for a total of 13 decisions in a row and with 10 of those decisions being in title fights.

Henderson, as GSP, has proven himself to be a dominate force within his division and like Rush, has risen quickly through the ranks and established himself as the fighter to beat at 155. Sadly and also like St. Pierre, he is establishing for himself a track record of not being able to finish his opponents.

Where GSP has been accused of playing it safe, Henderson has no such acclaim. Most fans would probably tell you that he’s explosive, can fight both on his feet and on the ground, that he has cardio and power, yet, as is the case with Rush, he can’t seem to finish.


Oddly enough, the answer might be that the two share problems which are polar opposites of one another. Where GSP has a dominating takedown and control game, he lacks the authoritative stand-up game of Henderson. Bendo on the other hand, lacks Rush’s dominance in the transitional game (80% success rate vs. a 50% success rate in takedowns).

As I see it, until Henderson addresses his wrestling issues he is apt to continue to be a mirror image of GSP’s decision victories. The same of course, is true of Rush and his stand-up. Until that improves, he too, is apt to continue his ever growing streak of decision victories.

Perhaps if the two began training with one another, they could collectively solve their problems and once again, begin to finish fights.

I leave you with Henderson’s WEC championship bout with Jamie Varner; WEC 46, January 2010.

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The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. Whether or not you think you can or you can't, you are right. Fast / Good / Cheap...pick 2. Better an honest word to the ear, than a stiff punch to the jaw; ego kills. A hall passed through with the doors open, is a...?

    Does this mean he's dating Chris Wiedman too???

    • Brian Cox

      If that's a GSP based joke…ehhh….I'll laugh. Sure, why not?

  • KeithFarrell

    I think GSP has a much, much better stand up game than Ben Henderson but it's just he fights much more dangerous strikers, also he doesn't need to stand there and win with his striking, he can take it down and dominate… unlike Bendo didn't have the ability to dominantly takedown Gil or Frankie and therefore had a super close fight in striking matches.

    • Brian Cox

      I think GSP's stand-up is about his jab and a Super-man punch, but not much more. I don't think he's seriously hurt anyone with a kick since 2008 and against Matt Hughes. Henderson on the other hand though, has some pretty nasty kicks. He has tree trunks for legs and they deliver power with very good Taekwondo technique.

      To be honest, what shocks me the most about Bendo is that he doesn't finish his fights, already. He's got the talent and the power. The only thing I can figure is that his wrestling game isn't as good as it needs to be.

    • thexperience1

      GSP better stand up than Bendo?? that must be a joke….

      • N.C.

        GSP after Serra was never the same. Watch his earlier fights. He had the most insane leg kicks, where he'd kick guys so hard they'd fall on their asses like a sweep kick. Crazy spinning elbows, karate kicks and stuff.

        After the Serra TKO GSP was never the same. EVER.

        But in the Condit fight, something changed after he took that head kick and got up. He had this look on his face like he found his balls again. Watch the reply. It was like he was thinking, "omg, I can take a hit again."

        He really turn it up after. It was like he got his confidence back. Lets hope GSP is more dynamic this time. But I still see it going to the ground. If GSP pulls off a finish. It will be a sub. Before Serra GSP won nearly half his fights with Sub's the other half via KO.

        • akieyugames

          I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but I kinda blame Serra for GSP not being as exciting as he once was. Sorry Matt.

        • thexperience1

          I couldn't care less about what he "could" do… all i'm reading in your post is: "Had, he'd, they'd" …. get the picture? all past tense…

          He hasn't done it in YEARS, so it's irrelevant! His stand up has not been at the level of Bendo's period for many years and i was FAR from impressed with his striking in the Condit fight. A nice jab and a superman punch doesn't cut it for me… there is room for A LOT of improvement in GSP's striking. It only counts if it's shown, that's all i have to say about that!

          • Brian Cox

            Experience, it could definitely use some improvement. I think that's just an honest observation and one from a die-hard fan. I pick him in every fight, as I will against Hendricks, but honest evaluations are honest evaluations and his stand-up hasn't really improved since the Koscheck fight.

            The division is getting tougher not easier and I think his stand-up could be tightened up.

      • Kris-tyahn

        GSP absolutely has better stand up, are you serious?!? You realise that stand up involves much more than jsut throwing a punch right?!? Head movement, footwork, jab & accuracy is what GSP excels in. He just doesnt have the "power" like Hendricks, Alves or Ellenberger etc. But he has way better striking, jsut doesn't use it as much bc he doesn't need to use it. He fought on the feet for about 12-13 mins vs. Condit & about the same for the Diaz fight, & he out struck both fighters, which just so happen to be known for their striking, yet GSP dominated both of them. Explain that if GSP doesn't have great striking?!?

        It's like me saying GSP took Koscheck down more times than Koscheck took GSP down, but Koscheck is a better MMA wrestler?!? Makes no sense, proof in in the pudding. "The Experience" maybe do some research before commenting on something you clearly know nothing about!

  • N.C.

    I would disagree.

    GSP has blow outs. 5 rounds of smashing guys down and owning fighters. Hence the frustration of him not finishing fights. How the hell can you beat guys up for 25 minutes but not put them away? He's broken obital bones etc but still can't go the last mile?

    Bendo on the other hand has 5 round nail bitters. Bendo is more like hanging on by the tips of his fingers and always pulling out the win. He's not dominate. Unfortunately, we're spoiled by champs who dominate their divisions. Aldo, Spider, Jones, AND GSP are champions that rule over their divisions. Bendo just happens to be the guy who holding onto the throne for the time being.

  • Kris-tyahn

    GSP is nothing like Ben Henderson are you kidding me?!? GSP has won 42 of his last 44 rounds, no one not even Silva has come close to that. Jesus, Sonnen beat Silva 6 of 7 rounds in two fights, yet GSP has only lost 2 in 44 rounds. Yet Ben Henderson barely wins split decisions, he shouldnt even be champ, let alone have 2 or 3 more wins on his record. When was the last time anyone thought …. hmmm I wonder if GSP won that fight?!? NEVER! Ben Henderson on the other hand, is looking nervous when Buffer reads out the scores, b/c he knows the fight was that close. GSP puts on clinics vs. the best of the best, in the most stacked division in all of MMA/UFC!!! LW is a close 2nd, but with the added names of Maia, Marquardt, Kelvin Gastelum (TUF winner), Hector Lombard, Patrick Cote, Lawler, Saffiedine, Woodley, Shields (is back) he's not the greatest, but he was a Champ! Anyway all these guys added to the already talented top 10 …. Diaz, Condit, Hendricks, Ellenberger, GSP, MacDonald, Brown, Alves, Fitch (was), Koscheck etc.

    Not even close!

    • Brian Cox

      The point you raise about GSP's "rounds" dominance is an undeniable fact.


    Kings of the decision victory.

  • duder113

    please, GP wins in convincing fashion. I notice a difference.

  • TheRealDeal

    If you mean the 155 lb. version of boring, then yes, he is.

  • DonDada

    F*ck GSP and Bendo they r not entertaining. Great fighters at what they do but in all honesty when they have an upcoming fight Im usually only looking forward to it because of who they r fighting. I hope big rig and Grant take those belts. Then I could look forward to some different title fights with different champions in the LW and WW division.