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Ben Rothwell Rips Ronda Rousey: She Was ‘Never A Champion’


Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has been the hot topic in the media ever since she made her long awaited return at last weekend’s (Fri., Dec. 30, 2016) UFC 207 from Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for the ex-champion, as she was finished in just 48 seconds by Amanda Nunes.

That makes it two straight losses for the once dominant Rousey, and many are voicing their opinions on what her next step should be.

Like many others, heavyweight Ben Rothwell has his opinion, and he feels as if Rousey’s next move could determine her legacy. If she doesn’t return after the losing skid, “Big Ben” says ‘she never was a champion’:

“What matters is now,” Rothwell told Sirius XM’s “Fight Club”. “What’s she going to do now? What matters is six months from now if she walks away from the sport and never fights again, she never has to have her name brought up again. If she can’t come back from everything she’s been through and being put on such a high pedestal and making waves, then she loses two fights and she doesn’t come back from that? Well, then she’s a loser and she never was a champion.”

In addition to Rousey, her coach Edmond Tarverydyan has also received a tremendous amount of criticism in the MMA community as many feel as if he isn’t the best coach for the “Rowdy” one. Rousey’s boyfriend and UFC heavyweight Travis Browne has also struggled since training under Tarverdyan, and Rothwell feels as if Browne made the move simply so Rousey could be his ‘sugar mama’:

“I have no problems talking (expletive) on him because he brings (expletive) on himself,” Rothwell said. “He’s one of the guys – I try to be nice to him and cool, and the more I learn about him, the more of his history, he’s one of those guys that’s just a man-whore. He’s a phony, and a lot of (expletive) pisses me off with him. Why did you suddenly leave a great camp that made him good and move to a (expletive) gym that’s got a lot of guys losing? For me, I think it was a financial thing. He went there and found a sugar mama in his girlfriend. He’s just looking to get himself taken care of.

“He’s got some brains in, like, ‘Why should I fight? I’ll just get her to pay for everything.’ It’s a good financial move on his part, but it hasn’t done his personal career any good and a lot of people think the guy has regressed and he’s not getting any better. He’s lost his footwork, he’s lost a lot of different things that made him good. We’re going to find out with Derrick Lewis. Is the guy going to get motivated? That’s one thing about our sport you can look like you’re just out of it and forgotten about then next thing you know you can resurge yourself.”

Rothwell certainly had some strong feelings on Rousey and Browne, but he also made headlines when he offered to take a two-on-one fight against middleweight champion Michael Bisping and welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, two fighters who recently discussed a super fight against each other:

What do you make of Rothwell’s variety of outspoken comments?

  • Bill Wolf

    I think Ben Rothwell has learned that in getting paid for fighting mixed martial arts, it’s much better to say something ridiculous than to say nothing.

  • Jamie Eyles

    Ben who? Another loser whose opinion doesnt matter

    • Bill Wolf

      It’s a pleasure to watch Ben Rothwell because he’s an excellent fighter.

      • Jamie Eyles

        Thats good bill. My opinion differs…

    • leonaidis

      and you?? Who the F are you? If Ben Rothwell, a ufc fighter, is a loser, then what does that make you?? Insignificant? No, you’re even less than that. What’s less than nothing? Help me out with this, it’s your only chance to matter.

      • Jamie Eyles

        Im just a tad more than you will ever be……and thats what the F that matters. Go cry elsewhere 🙂

        • leonaidis

          But you’re still no Ben Rothwell, and he’s a loser by your words. So I’m guessing your the fat kid sitting in front of your computer in your moms basement, taking out your anger and frustration on people like Rothwell, that actually have done something with their life’s, because you lack the balls to do anything with your life.

          Seek help, bitterness like yours will only lead to depression. And give your mom a break and move out.

          • Jamie Eyles

            Awww did mommy deny you a titty???
            All that balled up anger and frustration you have. Yep ben is still a.big mouth loser and u are a bottom feeding grub who cant stand someone elses opinion. Back to bed princess

          • leonaidis

            LOL My mommy?? Am I the one acting like a teenager that has a chip on his shoulder against the whole world? You are the one spewing poison on everyone with a different opinion. I’m not the one having a “hissyfit” just because Ronda got criticised, like you. I hope you get some fun out of it, I, personally love laughing at people making fools of them selfs.

            But now I got to stop, my wife just told me: “Stop messing with kids on the net trying to act tough, you’re a grown man for gods sake!!” And as fun as this has been, she’s right. I shouldn’t be making fun of young, stupid wanna be tough guys. I’ve got better things to do.

          • Jamie Eyles

            Stop messing with kids on the internet? Yeah u are 1 of those sick turds that would be into kiddy websites. Get help freakshow….
            You clowns with no life crack me up getting all bent out of shape over my typed words. I mean u are the mentally deranged one who came after me to begin with. I love it that the way Ronda lives her life just crushes u morons who dont have a life of your own LMFAO!!!!!
            Also a blow up doll that u have is not your “wife” lol :):):)

    • James Dominguez

      Ben Rothwell is an old school fighter whose fought in every promotion around the world against all comers, and although he hasn’t won them all, he still has a heavy enough punch to knock anyone out.

      • Jamie Eyles

        Thanks James. I was being sarcastic.

        • James Dominguez

          All good bro. I didn’t like him or the militich team before, but have grown much respect for ben and pat and all the fighters they built over the years.

          • Jamie Eyles

            Yep so true…

  • Wabbit

    The fight which was supposed to bring Rousey redemption after the easy loss to Holm, looked exactly what it was; Rousey turning up for $3 million fee, with a long shot plan of grabbing Nunes and maybe submitting her.

    Nobody in the realm of reality would back Rousey against Nunes in a striking contest. Perhaps Tarverdyan had convinced Rousey she has supernatural powers; in spite of the reality she IS vulnerable to strikes, proven after just two minutes in the Holm fight.

    At no time in the 48 seconds which comprised the Nunes/Rousey fight, did Rousey pose any form of threat; and she owes an eternal debt to Herb Dean, for so quickly stepping in, before Nunes could give her a life-changing beating.

    NONE of that justifies Rothwell’s comments about Rousey’s legacy, nor her relationship with Browne. UFC fighters surely have a basic respect for one another, since it takes unusual courage to step into the Octagon in front of millions and put it all on the line.

    A possible explanation for Rothwell’s crass insults is an expectation of goading Browne into an emotionally-driven contest, to raise audience numbers….very tacky, if true.

  • BeastMode.9

    Rousey, was never a complete fighter but, in the beginning before the sport evolved it all worked for her… As far as Browne, the fact he went to a gym that was good for him now and is now in a crap gym is just a excuse… honestly what makes a great fight is one who learns and keeps that knowledge of what was taught. There is always more to learn in life but, what you bring along with you to matters.

    • Teaturds

      You can also try and learn to speak english… gtfoh

      • BeastMode.9

        Somebody is but hurt? Haha. Need to learn English? I’m pretty sure “gtfoh” isn’t a word. My auto correct tried correcting it when I typed it in. Good day to you sir.